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Are you searching on the web for Why Is My Alexa Offline”? The offline mode in the Echo device is one of the most common problems. To fix this issue there are certain steps that you can follow.

With the help of this guide, you will get to know all the answers about why your Alexa is not online and what could be the possible causes behind it.

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Why Is My Alexa Offline? 

A plethora of reasons could be responsible Why Is Alexa Offline and unable to respond to your commands. It may be possible that the Alexa app installed in your smartphone is outdated or else you have not connected Echo to the power source. Your wifi may be spotty or malfunctioning, or else the Alexa-enabled device is placed too far from the router.

No matter whatever the cause is, with the help of simple troubleshooting steps, you will get the answer for “Why Is My Alexa Offline”.

How To Fix My Alexa Won’t Connect To Internet?

Try all the troubleshooting steps that have been mentioned below in this guide. These steps are ranging from the basic to the most advanced ones. Try one by one until the Alexa Offline issue will not get resolved.

Basic Methods

  1. Echo Device Should Plug-In Properly: You need to make sure that your outlet has power. Also, don’t forget to check whether your Echo device is plugged in properly into it via the original power adapter. It is necessary to connect the Echo device to the power outlet using the original power adapter. The red ring light in Echo means that it has enough power access. In case there is no light, you will need to move it to another location.
  2. Restart The Alexa-Enabled Device: This old-school trick often works for many digital malfunctions in the technical world. If your Alexa Echo Plus Offline then you will have to restart the Echo device. To do so, turn it off and then take out the power plug from the wall outlet. After waiting for a while, do connect the power cable again and turn ON the device.

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  1. Move Echo Device Close To Internet: Most of the time, the Echo device works fine but it’s the Alexa app that shows it as offline because of a weak internet connection. Hence, stop asking “Why Is My Alexa Offline” and move your device close to the router. Doing this will resolve the internet glitch easily.
  2. Move Away All Electronic Devices: Move away from all the electronic devices from the Echo and the router like T.V, Radio, Microwave, etc. All of these devices used to interfere with the signal create the Echo Dot Offline issue.
Advanced Methods
  1. Check Your Wifi Connection: Your wifi is down and that’s why Amazon Alexa Is Offline. Hence, check if your router is working properly or not. The green light on the router means that it is working fine. On the other hand, if there is a red light on the router, it simply means that the router has stopped working. Hence, you can try to fix the issue by restarting the modem and reboot the router.
  2. Connect Echo And Smartphone With The Same Network: Another major reason why your Alexa Not Working and why you are searching on the web for “Why Does My Alexa Keep Going Offline” could be related to the network. You may have connected the Echo and the smartphone with a different network connection. Hence, do connect them with the same networks to resolve the Alexa Offline issue.
  3. Update The Software Version: Although, the Echo device used to receive all the updates automatically an outdated software version may be responsible for why Alexa Won’t Connect To WifiHence, you should check the software version of the Echo device and update it if necessary.
  4. Restart Alexa App On Your Application: A simple software glitch could also be responsible for the Alexa App Offline issue. Hence, try to fix it by restarting the app from the setting menu. After doing that, check if your issue gets resolved or not.

Update & Reset Echo Device

  1. Update The Alexa App: If you have tried restarting and relaunching the app but your Alexa is still offline then update the app. Your app could be easily updated from the play store or the app store.
  2. Update Your Wifi Information: Another possible culprit could be related to the outdated wifi information. This could be the main reason for you asking “Why Is My Alexa Offline”. Hence, make sure that no one has changed the password of your wifi. If yes, then you would need to update the information from your Amazon Alexa app.
  3. Reset Echo To Factory Settings: If you have tried everything and all else fails to fix the problem then you would need to reset the Echo device. Resetting the Echo device will get it back to the original settings and half of the Alexa issues will be fixed then.

Alexa Helpline


If you are asking for “Why Is My Alexa Offline” then we have told you all the possible reasons and the troubleshooting steps. So, do follow all the steps that have been mentioned in this guide. You can also take help from our experts if anything goes wrong. Dial the given Alexa Helpline Number ☎️™+⥙ (800‒795-6963.

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