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If you are willing to know How To Setup Amazon Echo then you have come to the right place. Before moving further, We would like to congratulate you as you have made the right decision.

You are now going to enter into the world of excitement, full of music, lightning-fast automation, powerful home security, search engine capabilities, and whatnot.

Today, Echo devices come with uncountable features and facilities. But, you have to complete Alexa Setup if you want to enjoy all these features.

In this guide, We are going to tell you all the steps so that you can easily set up the Alexa device.

How To Setup Amazon Echo?

To complete the Amazon Alexa Setup, download the Alexa app on your smartphone or tablet, Plug in the Echo device to the power outlet with the original charger, Connect Alexa to wifi, and then you can talk as much as you can with your Echo device.

Let us explain all the steps in proper detail.

1. Download The Alexa App

If you are the owner of the Echo device then you have the right to download the Alexa app. You can download the app from the play store or the app store. The ios version should be 11.0 or above, the android version should be 6.0 or above, or Fire OS 5.3.3 or above.

You can also download the Alexa app on your computer device. You just have to visit the official Amazon website. Once the app will be downloaded completely, you can jump to the next step.

2. Plug-In The Echo Device

In the whole process, this is one of the most exciting and easiest steps. Let us tell you that Echo devices don’t need any batteries, you just need to connect them to the power source directly. The blue ring light on the Echo device means that it is connected to the power source and ready for Setup Alexa.

Wait for a while and the blue ring light will then change to orange which means that Echo is ready to greet you. Now, you will hear the voice of Alexa for the first time saying that you are ready for Echo Dot Setup.

Want to ask anything related to How To Setup Amazon Echo? If yes then dial Alexa Helpline Number now.

3. Connect Amazon Echo To Wifi

Now, you will need to connect the Amazon Echo to the available wifi network in order to do the Alexa WiFi Setup. If you have the latest version of the Echo device then you will be guided throughout the process.

To connect Alexa to wifi, open the Alexa app, find and search all the available networks until you will not find yours. In case you are having more than one Echo device, open the “Devices” tab from the Alexa app & tap on “Echo & Alexa”. After doing that so, select your Echo device from the given options. You can easily check the state of the wifi network connection under the wireless setting.

Once you will connect Amazon Echo to WiFi, you can then save the password so that it would be easy for your Echo device to connect. We would like to tell you that you can also connect other Echo devices with the same network connection.

Now, you have the answer for How To Setup Amazon Echo Device.

4. Start Talking To Your Echo Device

If you want to start the Echo device, you will have to say the wake word. The default wake word of Echo devices is “Alexa”. After Setup Alexa Dot, if you have realized that the default wake word is not good then change it. To change the wake word, say “Alexa, change the wake word”.

To do it manually, open the Alexa app, click on “Help & Feedback” and then change the wake word. Other options for wake words are “Amazon”, “Echo”, and “Computer”.

5. Start Using Your Alexa-Enabled Device

Congratulations! You know all the steps for How To Setup Amazon Echo now and you are able to complete the setup by yourself. You can take a simple test of your Alexa, say the wake word, and then “Hello”. If you have done the correct Alexa Echo Dot Setup then it will respond back to you. If your Alexa is not responding to you then dial the Alexa Helpline Number now.

When you will open the Alexa app, you will see the two options there, “Skills & Games” and “Things To Try”. All these methods are one of the best ways to check what Alexa device is capable of.

Alexa Helpline


In this guide, we have told you How To Setup Amazon Echo. While doing the setup, if you have faced any kind of issue then do call us on the given Alexa Helpline Number. We have a team of experienced experts that will help you to complete the process.

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