How to Reset An Echo Dot

How to Reset An Echo Dot? Here Is The Complete Reset Guide For You 

We know that you spent a lot of time with your Echo device. An Echo device acts as a helping hand in various tasks like playing music, controlling smart home lights, and many more. But, sometimes, it is very necessary to know How To Reset An Echo Dot

When the time comes, Alexa sometimes stops responding and starts showing the several errors that we are going to discuss in this article later. To fix those errors, it is required to follow some troubleshooting steps, and resetting the Echo Dot is one of them. 

In this guide, we will let you know all the quick ways via which you can reset the Echo device easily. In case, you are looking for an expert’s help then do call our technicians now. They have the answer to every Alexa Issues

So, follow all the guides properly now. 

Steps For How To Reset An Echo Dot?

We are going to tell you some easy steps that will help you to fix Alexa Issues. Are you ready? 

1. Deregister Your Amazon Echo Dot

When you have found that your Alexa Not Working, you need to deregister your Amazon account first. Below, we have given the steps that are required to fix the trouble. 

  • Make sure that you have already downloaded the Alexa app. 
  • Open the app and then follow the command “settings<device settings” and proceed further. 
  • Choose your specific Echo device and then tap on “click deregister”. 

Reset Echo Dot

Soon after you will do the same, your device will be removed from the Amazon account. Hence, you can register your Dot to a new Amazon account. 

If you don’t want to deregister the account in the above-given methods, here is the other one. 

  • If you want then you can deregister the account with the help of a computer device. 
  • Connect your computer with the internet and launch a web browser. 
  • Go to “” and then sign into the account to fix “how to reset Echo Dot”. 
  • Click on “accounts and links” and then scroll down towards the “digital content and devices”. 
  • Open the next page and click on “devices”. When you do that, you will see all the Amazon devices that are registered to you. 
  • Choose the Echo device that you want to deregister. You can also delete your recording from your Echo device. 

2. Reset Your Echo Device 

The steps to reset the Echo Dot could be different for the 1st 2nd and 3rd generation. So, here are the steps. 

For 1st generation Echo Dot 

If you are having a first-generation Echo Dot, you would need a paper clip or pin. With the help of a pin, press the button of the Echo device given at its base. You need to hold this button until the device will not restart again. 

When the light ring on the Echo device will turn orange, your Echo device will enter the setup mode. Congratulations! You have completed the 1st generation reset process. This is How To Reset An Echo Dot of 1st generation. 

For 2nd generation Echo Dot

If you are having a 2nd generation Echo Dot then press and hold the microphone off and down the volume button together for at least 20 seconds. When the light ring of the Echo device will turn to orange, it means that your device is in setup mode. This is how To Reset An Echo Dot of the 2nd generation. 

For 3rd generation Echo Dot

For 3rd generation Echo devices, press and hold the action button for 30 seconds. When the light ring of the Echo device will turn to orange, you need to enter your device into the Alexa Setup mode. 

Alexa Helpline

In the last of this troubleshooting guide, we want to let you know that we have told you all the steps for “How To Reset An Echo Dot”. When we start using the Echo device, we have to face the errors like Alexa Device Offline, Alexa Not Working, Alexa Echo Error 73001, etc. Apart from other troubleshooting methods, resetting the Echo device is one of the effective methods. 

Apart from this troubleshooting method, you can also take help from our experts. We have a team of technicians, who are round the clock available to fix the trouble. You can take their help anytime you want.

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