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We spend a lot of time using the Echo device. Sometimes, we command Alexa to play our favorite music, while other times, one can easily control the home temperature with the help of a thermostat. But, the main issue begins when Alexa Not Responding to any of the voice commands given by a user. Hence, we are here to tell you How To Reset Alexa Dot in some easy and quick steps.

To reset Alexa, open the Alexa app and deregister your device from the “Device Settings. In a short time, the resetting process would begin and your Alexa will be restarted.

In this guide, we are going to tell you each and everything that is required to reset the Alexa-enabled device.

How To Reset Alexa Dot?

If you want to reset the Alexa device, first you would need to open the Alexa app and choose the “Deregister” option from the Device Settings. Also, you can reset the device by pressing the reset button given at the bottom of the device.

1. Deregister Echo Device

If you have found that your Alexa Not Working properly then, you would need to deregister your device from the Alexa account. To perform this step, open the Alexa app and then click on “Settings”. From here, tap on “Device Settings” and choose the specific Echo model you want to deregister.

Once you will factory reset Echo Dot, your device will be removed from the Amazon account. Hence, you can register your Echo device to another account then.

2. 2nd Methods To Deregister Echo Device

If you are using the Alexa app on a computer then you have another way to deregister. On your computer device, open the current web browser and go to the official website of Amazon. Create an account if you haven’t created any.

To continue the blog of “How To Reset Alexa Dot”, click on “Accounts And Links” and then tap on “Digital Content and Devices” followed by “Manage Content and Devices”. When the next page will be opened in front of you, click on “Devices”. Here, you can see the gallery of all the Amazon devices that are registered to you currently.

Choose the Dot that you would like to Deregister. You will also find the option here to erase all of your audio recordings from the Alexa-enabled device.

3. Reset Alexa Dot

As you are much familiar with the fact that the Echo device has been divided into the first, second, and third generation. Hence, we will let you know all the steps to reset the Echo device referred to different generations.

  • First Generation

To Reset Alexa of first-generation, you would need a pin or a paper clip. With the help of it, press the reset button given at the bottom of the Echo device. You would need to press the button until the device will not turn OFF and ON again.

When the light ring will turn to orange, it means Alexa Setup mode just begins. Wait until the device will not restart again. It means that you have successfully completed the process of “How To Reset Alexa Dot”.

  • Second Generation

If you want to reset the second-generation Echo Dot then, press and hold the volume down and microphone button together for about 20 seconds. First, the light ring on the Echo device will turn orange, and the Echo Dot Setup mode will begin.

  • Third-Generation

For the third generation Echo device, the process is quite simple, do press the hold and action button together for at least 30 seconds. Again, the light ring will turn to Orange which means that you have Reset the Amazon Echo device successfully.

Why Do We Need To Reset The Alexa Dot?

Have a question in mind why we need to reset the Alexa device? Let us tell you that when we start using the Echo device, you may face a number of Alexa Issues.

To fix these Alexa problems, there are many steps that you can follow but sometimes resetting is the only possible way to resolve the issue.

Some common Alexa issues are given below:

  1. Alexa Not Responding
  2. Alexa Offline
  3. The Alexa Won’t Connect To Wifi
  4. Alexa Error 73001
  5. Alexa Won’t Turn On Samsung Tv
  6. The Alexa Echo Not Responding
  7. Alexa Having Trouble Understanding
  8. Alexa Not Discovering Devices

These all are a few Echo Dot problems, hence it is really very necessary that you should know How To Reset Alexa Dot.

Alexa Helpline


In this guide, we have told you how to reset Alexa Dot in some simple and easy steps. Sometimes, it’s necessary to reset the Echo device to resolve a number of Alexa problems. So, do follow all the steps in the same order so as to reset your Alexa. To ask anything related to any issue, dial the given Alexa Helpline Number now.

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