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Get your home Echo device but do you know How To Put Alexa In Setup Mode? If yes, then you will be able to use all the Alexa features, if no then here is the guide that is waiting to be read from you.

After Alexa Setup, you just need to connect it to the power source and enjoy. Alexa can now perform a variety of different features like playing music, reading news, picking a call or calling someone, controlling smart home lights, and whatnot.

So, start applying all the steps that we are going to tell you in this guide. Chil! It would be a fun learning guide and you will find how easy it is to complete the setup.

You can even call Alexa Helpline Number if there is anything you want to discuss with experts. Simply, put your call and dial the toll-free number 1800-795-6963.

How To Put Alexa In Setup Mode?

Alexa Setup Mode is a step-by-step process. Hence, you have to be a little patient and read this guide properly. 

To complete the Alexa Setup, you have to do the following:

  1. Download Amazon Alexa App
  2. Choose Your Device To Set Up
  3. Enter Setup Mode
  4. Connect Your Smartphone Or PC
  5. Setup Alexa Echo WiFi
  6. Say The Wake Word And Ask Anything To Your Echo Device

We have provided all the steps to Setup Alexa device. Here is a step-by-step process with the help of which you can easily complete Alexa Auto Setup.

1. Download Amazon Alexa App

The first and the foremost thing that you will have to do is, download the Alexa app on your smartphone. You can download the app free for ios, android, or fire OS from the app store or play store.

2. Choose A Device To Setup

Another major step that is necessary to know How To Put Alexa In Setup Mode is, you would need to choose a device to set up.

Make sure that you already have an Amazon account. Create the one if you don’t have any. After that, sign in to the Amazon Alexa app.

Once the Home screen of the Alexa app will be opened, click on the “Add A Device” option. From here, you can add any Alexa-supported devices but currently, we are here to add the Echo device. So, click on “Amazon Echo”, on the next screen choose the type of Echo device that you would like to set up.

3. Enter The Amazon Echo Setup Mode

When you will choose the device, the Echo will be entered into the Echo Dot Setup mode and setup will start automatically. But, in any case, you have found no orange light on your Echo device, go to the settings again and select “Setup A New Device”.

Now, you can choose the language that you want your Echo device to continue with.

4. Connect Your Mobile Or PC

Now, you are on the stage to Connect Amazon Echo to WiFi. Wait until the Alexa app will not be closed and you will be directed to the network settings. There, you will see a network from Amazon’s name. Connect your tablet and smartphone to this network and get back to the Alexa app.

You are now very close to using your Echo device. We have already told you more than half of the steps for “How To Put Alexa In Setup Mode”.

5. Connect Amazon Echo to WiFi

When you will open the Alexa app again, you will see a list of available networks on your phone or tablet. From here, you will need to choose your preferred network. Once you will select the network, you will be asked to enter the wifi password.

After following all these instructions, you will hear the voice of Alexa saying “Your Echo Is Ready” and the orange light will go out.

In any case, you or someone else will change the router or wifi password, your Alexa Won’t Connect to WiFi. Hence, you will have to update the password from the Alexa app too.

6. Say The Wake Word

This is How To Put Alexa In Setup Mode. Now you are able to use your Echo device and ask it anything. Ask Alexa to play all of your favorite songs from your favorite artists or anything else.

Alexa Helpline


We hope that you have got to know each and everything about How To Put Alexa In Setup Mode. From now you are able to complete the Alexa Setup by yourself. For any help, you can also call our experts. Dial Alexa Helpline Number now.

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