How To Connect Echo Dot To WiFi? Alexa Helpline Number

If you want to know How To Connect Echo Dot To Wifi then, this is the right guide for you. We are going to mention all those steps that are required to complete the setup quickly and easily. Before, you proceed towards the Echo Dot Setup, make sure that you are having a good speed of internet connection at your place.

To ask anything related to Alexa Setup, dial the given toll-free Alexa Helpline Number now. Our expert team will help you to complete the setup in a short time.

How To Connect Echo Dot To Wifi?

To connect the Alexa to wifi, follow the below-given steps:

  1. The first and foremost thing that you should do is to download the Alexa app on your device. If you are downloading the Alexa App For Pc then you need to download it from the official website of Amazon.
  2. Open the Alexa app and enter the credentials i.e id and password.
  3. Choose the name of your Echo device and proceed further.
  4. In case you want to change the name then select “Choose I am someone else”.
  5. Tap on the Start button.
  6. You will then be asked to get access to the contacts and notifications to proceed further. This is very important for “How To Connect Echo Dot To Wifi”.
  7. Once the home screen will be opened, tap on the three horizontal lines given on the screen.
  8. Tap on these three lines and a list of options will be opened on your screen. Search for “Settings” and click on it.
  9. Now, top on “Add a New Device” to move further.
  10. You will then see a list of devices given on your screen, click on the name of your device.
  11. Connect the Echo device to the power source to complete the Alexa Dot Setup. To do so, connect one end of the adapter to the Echo device and the other one to the Power outlet.
  12. On your Echo device, press and hold the action button until the ring light on Echo will not change to orange.
  13. Click on continue when your Echo device will be turned OFF.
  14. On your smartphone, do follow all the instructions to connect the Echo device to your smartphone or computer.
  15. Tap on “continue” and proceed to the next step for “How To Connect Echo Dot To Wifi”.


Complete the Connection With Available Networks

Before we proceed towards the steps to Connect Amazon Echo To Wifi, we would like to tell you some important things.

  1. Enter the right password for the wifi.
  2. Make sure that you have installed the Alexa app on your smartphone or Pc.
  3. Echo devices should be placed close to the router.

You have successfully connected the Echo device to your smartphone. In just one or two steps, you will be able to connect it to the wifi device.

  1. When you follow the instructions given on the screen, you will be taken to the list of all available wifi networks.
  2. Choose the one that belongs to you and enter the password.
  3. Before saving the password, check the password twice.
  4. Once you Connect Alexa To Wifi, you will be notified on the screen.

Steps To Connect Alexa To A New Internet Connection

In the above-given steps, we have explained all the points to connect the Echo device to the wifi for the first time. But, it may also be possible that you want to switch to another internet network. Hence, here are the steps to connect the Echo device to a new network connection.

  1. Tap on the Menu icon on your device.
  2. Open the Settings now.
  3. From the Device Settings option, select the device that you want to change the settings for.
  4. Tap on the Change option
  5. You will be asked to connect to the wireless settings of the smartphone.
  6. Do follow all the instructions given on the screen to know “How To Connect Echo Dot To Wifi”.

When you start using the device, you may face one or other kind of issues and one of them is “Alexa Won’t Connect To Wifi”. To fix this issue, we have already arranged a few troubleshooting steps.

How To Fix When Alexa Won’t Connect To Wifi?

To fix the Alexa Offline issue, do check the wifi network first. It may be possible that your wifi goes down and hence Alexa Won’t Connect To Wifi.

1. Check Your Wifi Network

It may be possible that your wifi goes down or stopped working because of one or another reason. This could be one of the main reasons why Alexa Not Working. Call your network service providers and ask them to resolve the issue immediately.

2. Move Echo Close To the Router

If you have placed the Echo device far from the router then minimize the distance between them. Too much distance between Echo and router creates issues like this sometimes.

3. Connect Echo And Smartphone To The Same Network

Make sure that Echo and smartphone are connected to the same network. Most of the time, a user used to connect these two with different networks and end up facing the Alexa Offline issue.

Alexa Helpline


Alexa app and a good speed internet connection are two important things that are needed to complete the Alexa Setup. In this guide, we have told you How To Connect Echo To Wifi. In addition to this, we have also discussed how to connect the Echo device to new wifi and how to fix it when Echo doesn’t connect to wifi. If you have any questions in mind then dial the Alexa Helpline Number now.

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