Setup Guide To Know How To Connect Alexa to iPhone

Are you curious to know How To Connect Alexa To iPhone? In this article, we will let you know all the methods that are needed to complete the Alexa Setup with iPhone. 

iPhone and Alexa, both of these names are renowned in the whole world for their quality and features. This is why sometimes the users get a little confused while doing the setup. 

Before we proceed further, make sure that you have a proper internet connection at your place. Without the internet, you can’t take the benefits of the Echo device. 

Are you ready to connect iPhone to Alexa? 

How To Connect Alexa To iPhone?

To connect the Alexa to an iPhone device, you have to go through several processes. We will tell you all the methods but you have to be a little patient. 

To connect your Alexa to iPhone, you need to follow the steps given below: 

  1. Download the Alexa app on your smartphone 
  2. Setup Alexa on iPhone 
  3. Start using the Alexa app 

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Soon after you will complete the setup, we will let you know about the following: 

  1. How to text Alexa from iPhone 
  2. How to make Amazon purchases from the iPhone 

So, let’s not waste more time and start this journey immediately. 

How To Download Alexa On iPhone Device?

It is really very easy to download the Alexa app on an ios device. To do so, you just have to go through the steps given below: 

  1. Make sure you have connected the iPhone to the internet. 
  2. Open the app store on your iPhone device and tap on the search option.
  3. Type Alexa and click enter to search for the results. 
  4. When the list is available there, click on “get” to download the Alexa app. 
  5. Install the app and let it launch to your smart device. 
  6. The app may take some time to install as it depends on the internet speed. 

This is how to download the Alexa app to iPhone. Now, we are going to tell you how to set up the app so you will get to know How To Connect iPhone To Alexa

How To Setup Alexa App On iPhone?

We hope that you have successfully downloaded the Alexa app on your smartphone. Now, it’s time to complete the setup with the help of the below-given steps: 

  1. Open the Alexa app and give it permission to get access to use Bluetooth. 
  2. With the help of Amazon credentials, sign in to the Alexa app. In case, you don’t have an Amazon account then create the one now. 
  3. When you log into the Alexa app, you will be asked to choose the name that belongs to you. 
  4. Give access to Alexa to get the contact information and to send the notifications. If you don’t want to do this now, tap on the option of “later”. 
  5. Click on “confirm”. 
  6. You will then be taken to the Home screen of the Alexa app. 
  7. To talk to Alexa, tap on “tap on”. 
  8. Now, you have to give permission to the Alexa device to access the microphone. 
  9. Allow Alexa to give you permission to turn on the location. 
  10. You can test the voice assistant Alexa device now. You can ask it anything like “where is the nearest restaurant”? 

Congratulations! As you have completed the Alexa Setup and we have told you all the steps required for How To Connect Alexa To iPhone

You can now play songs and connect your Alexa to smart home devices like thermostats, lights, fans, and whatnot. 

In case you are still confused about how to use the Alexa device, do call on the given helpline numbers. 

How To Use Alexa Device For iPhone?

It’s really very easy to use the Alexa app on your smartphone. The home screen of the app will guide you through the whole process. 


  1. If you want to make a call to talk to someone, tap on “communicate” and choose the contact name from the “contact list”. 
  2. If you want to listen to the latest stories and songs, tap on the “play” tab. You will get the option to listen to songs from Spotify, pandora, and apple music. 
  3. If you want to manage the devices that are connected to the Alexa app, tap on “devices”. When you will tap on “all devices” you will get the list of the devices connected to Echo, Fire tablet, fire stick, etc. 
  4. To add any device to Alexa, tap on the “+” sign. 
  5. Choose “add device”. 
  6. Select the type of devices that you want to add with the Alexa app. 
  7. To complete setting up the device successfully, you just need to follow all the on-screen instructions given on the screen. 

How To Text To Alexa From iPhone Device?

We hope that you have successfully come to know that How To Connect Alexa To iPhone. Now, we will tell you the steps to send the messages from the iPhone. 

How To Text To Alexa From iPhone Device

Actually, if you don’t want to give voice commands to Alexa, you can even control the devices via text messages. 

  1. Open the Alexa app on your smartphone. 
  2. On the upper left corner, choose to tap on “keyboard”. 
  3. Now, you can type any query and then click on “send”. 
  4. Soon, Alexa will respond to your queries via text messages. 
  5. You can even place a call from Alexa via text messages. 
  6. In case you want to add something to your to-do list, text Alexa and then tap on send. You will get the confirmation that your device has been connected. 

We hope that you have now come to know How To Connect iPhone To Alexa and how to send the messages via Alexa app.

How You Make Amazon Purchases With The Alexa Device?

If you want to order something from Amazon, you can take the help of Amazon Alexa. Follow the steps given below to complete your purchase: 

  1. From the home screen of the Alexa app, click on three lines from the lower right corner. 
  2. Click on “settings”. 
  3. Select “Account settings”. 
  4. First, you need to tap on “voice purchasing” and then toggle to “voice purchasing”. 
  5. To purchase the confirmation, tap on “enable”. Soon, you will choose this option, you will be taken to the screen where you can easily set up all the security measures. 
  6. To set up a unique voice profile, you need to tap on the option of “voice profile”. You will now have to secure the purchase with the voice code. Click on “voice code” and enter a 4 digit number. 
  7. Tap on “save”. 
  8. When the voice purchase will be enabled, you can place an order by tapping on the Alexa icon. 

You have completed the setup for How To Connect iPhone To Alexa and how to use the Alexa after its setup. 

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