Echo Show Video Calling Not Working: Easy Troubleshooting Steps

Are you wondering if your Echo Show Video Calling Not Working? Ohh! But don’t worry now as we got you. 

In the guide, we are going to tell you each and everything that is necessary to resolve this issue of yours. 

Echo Show is really an amazing device and it is very easy to use also. 

You don’t need any technical knowledge to use the device. The reason why Echo devices are so famous is because of its voice assistant Alexa.

There are times when this smart device starts showing issues including the Alexa echo show video call not working


That’s a very normal issue and can be solved by following this amazing guide. We thought now it’s enough to make you agree to read this guide. Jokes apart!!!

Echo Show Video Calling Not Working? Follow Us

Although it is not possible that the Echo Show will stop video calling someone. But, if that is for real then there are the chances that you have done the video call in the wrong manner.

Echo Show Video Calling Not Working


We have to tell you all the steps that are necessary to tell you how to make a video call on Echo show

So, be a little excited. It is going to be fun… 

How To Make a Video Call On Echo?

You can make the video call on Echo show in two ways: 

  • Video call with your voice 
  • Video call by tapping the Echo show display

How to video call on Echo Show with voice? 

It’s really very easy to make a video call with your voice. In seconds you will be connected with your friend but the case is, your friend should be online. 

  • Make sure that your device is charged
  • Check if your internet connection is working properly. If yes, then move forward to the next step 
  • Turn on the device and say, “Alexa, call(name of the person).  Alexa will then confirm the name of the person soon before initiating the call. 
  • If the Alexa is not able to make a call then there are chances that you haven’t save the number of that person
  • Don’t worry, we will tell you later how to add contacts to the Amazon Echo Show
  • Now, wait until that person will respond to you back.
  • Open the shutter if you can’t see yourself on the screen
  • When you wish to end the call, click on the red button

How to call another echo show through tapping?

If you don’t wish to make a video call via your voice then try this method: 

How to call another echo show through tapping

  • Open the Echo show
  • Swipe the display from the left to the right. This will help you to open the menu feature
  • Click on “communicate” on the menu that appears before you 
  • To select the contacts, you have to click on “show contacts”  
  • Choose the name of the person you want to make a call 
  • Under the “Alexa Devices”, click on the call icon to initiate the video call 
  • This is how to setup Alexa show video call

All the steps that we have provided above are enough to resolve the issue of the Echo Show Video Calling Not Working. Also, you can now make a video call through voice and through the display. 

How To Add Contacts On Echo Show?

If you don’t know how to add the contacts on your Echo show then follow the steps that have been given below: 

  • Open the Alexa app on your smartphone 
  • On the bottom menu, click on “communicate” 
  • You will see there the icon of the person, click on that
  • Tap three dots that have been given at the corner, click on “contacts” followed by “add contacts” 
  • Add the information of the contact you want to add and click on save. 

And this is how you can easily add contacts on your Echo show and call anyone you want. You should be a little happy as you are having one of the best and the smartest device of the decade. 

You can ask Alexa devices anything you want, like weather, to turn off the lights, to set the reminder. The device will do whatever you want it to do for you. 

Isn’t that really very impressive? 

Alexa Helpline
Alexa Helpline Number!!!

While using the Echo device you encounter the issues like Echo Show Video Calling Not Working, or similar to it. 

But, that doesn’t mean that the device is not good. 

It is really very normal to face such issues, hence, don’t worry, and follow all the steps given in the guide. 

If the issue still persists then call on given Alexa Helpline Number. We have a team of dedicated technicians that can troubleshoot any issue in seconds. 

So, without any worry, call the technicians and let them resolve the issue for you. They are dedicated as well as experienced too.

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