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To complete the Echo Setup, make sure that you are having a good speed of internet connection at your place. Apart from this, an Alexa app is a must to download on your smartphone.

We know that you are very much excited to hear something from Alexa but it is impossible until you will not complete the Alexa Setup. In this guide, we are going to let you know about each and everything that is required to do an Echo Setup.

In any condition, if you face any kind of issue then do call on Alexa Helpline Number and ask our experts anything related to Setup Echo Dot 3. With their years of experience, they will provide you proper guidance.

So, have some patience and start applying the steps given below.

How To Do The Echo Setup In Easy Steps?

To do the Alexa Dot Setup, create an official Amazon account first. Make sure that you are having a good internet speed at your place. Now, download the Alexa app and connect the Echo to a power source, turn ON the Echo and then connect Alexa to wifi in order to do the Echo Setup easily.

We are going to tell you all the steps that are necessary to complete the setup. Hence, do follow the steps with a happy face to complete the process.

Step By Step Process To Setup Alexa

Before we proceed further, make sure that you have already created an official account on Amazon and you have an internet connection at your place.

1. Download The Alexa App

The first and the foremost thing that is needed to complete the Echo Setup is the Alexa App. It is a must to download the app on your smartphone, or computer.

If you are using an ios device then it should have software version 11.0 or above but in case you are using android then software version 6.0 or above is required.

If you want then you can download the app on your computer device. For the same, visit the Amazon website and download the app according to your requirements.

2. Plug-In The Alexa-Enabled Device

Echo devices don’t require any batteries to turn it ON. Do connect the Alexa-enabled device to the power adapter.

Connect one end of the power adapter to the Echo device and another end to the power source outlet. You will see a blue ring light once the device will be connected to the power source.

In a short time, the light will turn orange which means that your device is ready to greet you. Congratulations! You are going to hear the voice of Alexa for the very first time. In just a few steps, you will complete the Alexa Setup successfully.

3. Connect Amazon Echo to WiFi

In this step, we will let you know how to connect Alexa to the wifi device. The latest versions of the Echo device, you will be guided to the whole process. In any case, you will be stuck on some steps then open the Alexa app and tap on the “Device” option given on the right bottom side.

Now, tap on “Echo & Alexa” and choose the device to complete the Echo Setup. Under the wireless heading option, you will see the state of the wifi connection.

Once it is connected to the internet, don’t forget to save the wifi password. It is because you would not need to connect it again and again.

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4. Start Using the Alexa Device

You have successfully completed the Echo Dot Setup and now it’s the time to say the wake word of Alexa to wake it up. For the same, say the default wake word that is “Alexa”. However, you can also change it to “Computer”, “Echo”, or  “Amazon”.

Alexa Helpline


We would like to conclude this article on the point that Echo Setup is not that difficult. You just need to have a good speed internet connection and an Alexa app. We have told you all the steps in this guide related to how to set up echo dot. So, complete the setup and start using the Amazon Echo device. In any case, if you have found that your device is still not updated then dial the Alexa Helpline Number now.

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