Echo Dot Won’t Connect To Wifi

When Your Echo Dot Won’t Connect To Wifi Try These quick Methods

When you have found that your Echo Dot won’t Connect To Wifi restarts the router, check your internet connection, place the device near the router, etc. actually, it can’t be said clearly what is the main cause behind the problem. 

In this guide, we have arranged all the methods on how you can troubleshoot this issue. We have also provided you our helpline number. Call our technicians any time you want as they are 24*7 available to help you. 

Why Is Echo Dot Won’t Connect To Wifi?

Actually, it’s very tough to say all the time why your Echo Won’t Connect To Wifi. Sometimes, it’s a faulty wifi connection while other times other physical objects could be the main cause. To fix the issue we first have to find the main cause and then we will work step by step. 

Possible reasons why your Echo Dot Won’t Connect To Wifi are as follows: 

  1. Wrong Alexa setup
  2. The wrong password of wifi 
  3. A faulty internet connection 
  4. Wrong placement of Echo device
  5. Physical objects that are blocking the path of the Echo device 

How To Fix When Alexa Not Connecting To Internet?

To troubleshoot the issue when Alexa Not Working, you should follow the steps that have been provided below: 

  • 1. Wrong Alexa Setup

A proper and complete Setup Alexa is very necessary to get rid of all the issues like this. So, while doing the Echo Dot Setup make sure that you are following each and everything properly. A simple mistake may lead you to face more trouble. 

  • 2. Wrong Password Of Wifi

As we have discussed while doing the setup you have to be a little careful. It may be possible that you have entered the wrong password. It is very clear now that you can’t connect the Echo to wifi with the wrong password. 

  • 3. Check Your Internet Connection

Another major factor why your Echo Dot Won’t Connect To Wifi could be your internet connection. Till the time you will not connect your Echo device with a proper internet connection you will end up facing issues like Echo Dot Won’t Connect to WiFi During Setup

To check your internet network you can connect to any other device. If you have found anything wrong then contact your network service providers. 

Or else, call us now on the given Alexa Helpline Number.  A team of dedicated technicians is always ready to help you. 

  • 4. Wrong Placement Of The Echo Device 

Your Echo device should be placed within the network circumference range. If you will place your Echo device too far from the router, the device will find it hard to connect to the internet. This is the only reason why a lot of people complain that the Echo Show won’t Connect to WiFi or Echo Dot Stopped Working

  • 5. Remove All The Physical Interference 

The physical objects like microwave, TV, radio, etc. affect the working of the Alexa. So, if you have placed anything between Alexa and the router then remove those physical objects. 

  • 6. Restart The Wifi Device 

This is one of the best and effective methods to fix the issue like Alexa Won’t Connect to WiFi. What you have to do is, turn off the router and then remove the power plug and other connected cables. Now, you have to wait for a whole and then connect all the cables again. 

Turn on the router and then check if your Alexa Having Trouble Connecting To Internet or not. 

  • 7. Update The Alexa App

If you have tried each and everything still your Echo device is not able to connect to the internet then update the Alexa app. To update the app, open the play store or app store and look there for Alexa app update, download the update and install it now. 

Soon after you will complete the Alexa update, restart the device and check if the issue of Echo Dot Won’t Connect To Wifi

  • 8. Reset Echo Device To Factory Defaults 

After following all the methods, if you have found that still, your Echo device is offline then reset it to factory defaults. This will save all the settings to defaults and hopefully, all the issues will be fixed. 

Alexa Helpline
Two More Lines…

Sometimes it is really too tough to fix the issues like Amazon Echo Dot won’t Connect To Wifi. although we have told you all the reasons and troubleshooting steps to fix the trouble. We really hope that you have resolved the issue. 

For any kind of inquiry and any additional help, you can call on our helpline number anytime. We have a team of technicians who are experienced enough to solve all of these kinds of cases, call them anytime you want.

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