Most Easy And Quick Ways For Echo Dot Troubleshooting

With Amazon Echo devices, you can enjoy a variety of unlimited access to music, managing to-do list, order food, and whatnot. From time to time you may have to face a number of issues but it is also fun doing Echo Dot Troubleshooting.

We know that you are a little worried because you may encounter Alexa Issues for the first time. 

All the methods that are we are going to mention below can be applied to Echo Dot, Echo, Echo Plus, Echo Studio, and Echo Show. 

Why Do Echo Dot Troubleshooting?

It may happen several times that you ask the Echo device to do something but it stops responding. Several reasons could be responsible for this. 

Sometimes, the Alexa Stopped Working because of a faulty network connection, while other times an outdated Alexa app, the distance between the Echo & Wifi could be the main reasons. 

No matter what would be the main reason, in this guide, you will get all the steps necessary to fix Alexa Issues.

Let’s fix it together! 

How To Fix When Alexa Stopped Working On Voice Commands?

Most of the time when you ask something from Alexa, it says that “Sorry, I’m having trouble understanding you”. 

Hence, try below given Echo Dot Troubleshooting steps: 


1. Verify That Your Echo Has Power Access

This is one of the basic troubleshooting steps to fix when Alexa Stopped Working. You just need to check whether you have connected the Echo device to the power outlet or not. 

2. Check That Your Echo Has Internet Access 

If you have found that your Echo is well connected to the wall outlet, make sure that the Echo device is also connected to the internet. 

Most of the time, doing this will fix the issue when Alexa Not Responding to voice commands. 

3. Connect Echo And Smartphone To The Same Network 

If you will connect the Echo device and the smartphone with two different networks, the issues like Alexa Offline, Alexa Slow To Respond are very common. 

This is why, while doing Setup Alexa, make sure that you are connecting both devices with the same network. 

4. Move Your Echo Device To The Wifi Range

Your Echo device seems unresponsive because you have placed it too far from the router. Hence, you need to minimize the distance between the Alexa-enabled device and Echo. 

5. Amazon Alexa Down

Several times, the server of the Echo device goes down, and because of which Alexa Stopped Responding

In this case, you don’t need to try any Echo Dot Troubleshooting Step, just wait until the issue gets fixed from Amazon’s end. 

How To Fix When Alexa Stops Streaming Music?

In the mood to listen to your favorite songs? Ahh! But how would you react when Alexa Stops Playing Music

It happens with most Alexa users. This is why we are going to provide some Echo Dot Troubleshooting steps below. 


1. Verify Your Network Connection

Make sure that your wifi is not down. Several times, the Alexa stops playing music when you will not connect the device to any network. 

2. Connect fewer Devices To Wifi 

It may be possible that you have connected too many devices with the wifi. This is why Alexa is slow to respond and not streaming music. 

Hence, disconnect all other devices from the router. 

3. Move Your Echo Device Near The Router

The reason why does Alexa stops playing music is because of its location. Hence, move the Echo device to the Wifi range. 

4. Reboot Echo Device 

Restarting the Alexa device is always worth trying as it fixes many Alexa issues without paying much effort. To complete the Echo Dot Troubleshooting, restart the device with the help of the below-given steps: 

  • Press the power button to turn off the Amazon Echo device. 
  • Remove the power plug from the wall outlet and then wait for at least 30 seconds. 
  • Reconnect the power plug to the power access and turn it on. 
  • Wait for a while until the Alexa will not connect to wifi. 
  • Check Alexa is now listening to you or not. 

Echo Dot Troubleshooting When Alexa Won’t Connect To Wifi?

The orange ring light on the Echo device means that your device is not connected to the internet. This is the reason why Alexa Stopped Working

Hence, you have to try the below given Echo Dot Troubleshooting steps to get Alexa back online again. 

1. Verify Your Internet Connection 

If you have found that Alexa Won’t Connect To Wifi it is because your internet is down. Hence, you need to restore your internet to fix Alexa Offline issues. 

2. Reboot Router And Modem

Try to fix Alexa Offline issues by the quick rebooting process. Hence, restart the router and the modem. 

3. Verify Your Wifi Password

It may be possible that someone has changed the password of the wifi recently. This is the reason why Alexa Not Working

Connect any other device with the old password to verify if someone really changed the password or not. 

4. Remove Unused Devices From Wifi

Remove all the devices from the wifi that you are no longer using. Several times because of wifi congestion the Alexa Offline problem occurs. 

5. Reset The Echo Device 

Even after trying all the Echo Dot Troubleshooting steps if still Echo Dot not connecting to the internet, reset it. 

Resetting the Echo device will save all the settings to default. 

How To Fix When Echo Show Video Calling Not Working?

If you have noticed that Alexa is not able to call anyone, try the below-given steps. 


1. Check The Contact Information Again 

Alexa will only be able to call your contact if you have entered the right information. Hence, before calling anyone make sure that you have entered the right details. 

2. Check The Internet Connection Of Echo Show 

Your Echo device can’t make any video calls until you will not connect it to the internet. Hence, check the internet and if needed then restore your internet connection. 

3. Restart The Alexa App

Most of the time a simple software glitch could be responsible for why Echo Show Video Calling Not Working

Hence, restart the Alexa app on your smartphone and check if it has started the video calling or not. 

4. Update The Alexa App On Your Smartphone 

If you have restarted the app but Alexa is still not working, verify whether you have installed the updated version or not. 

You can easily install the Alexa app from the play store or app store. 

Alexa Helpline


At the end of this article, we want to conclude it on the point that for the proper working of the Echo device high-speed internet is a must. 

If you are sure that your internet is working perfectly and still Alexa Stopped Working, try the given Echo Dot Troubleshooting steps. 

You can also call our Alexa technicians to take any help. They are having more than 10 years of experience in the field. Hence, you can ask them anything you want.

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