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5 Easy Steps for Echo Dot Setup Quickly

 Are you planning to bring home the stylish, well-featured virtual assistant-Amazon Alexa? Need quick help for Echo Dot Setup? You can have several series of Alexa in the market, out of which Alexa Echo Dot and Alexa Echo have been two best series out of all. This sleek and portable design has fantastic audio for its size and thus the voice-based digital assistant is becoming part of the mainstream.

If you have already this fantastic device home and ready to perform Alexa Echo Dot setup then by following this blog you will get Echo Dot setup done rightly. 

If you need any assistance from the technicians, you can anytime seek help from Alexa Toll-free number +1 800-795-6963. 

With proper guidance and instructions, they will help you to get the Alexa Setup and Echo Dot Setup process done.

Before we jump into the guidelines for Alexa Echo Dot setup, let us take you to the explicit features available with Amazon Alexa:

The Fascinating Features Available at Alexa Echo dot

This amazing device is not just an interacting device but it performs tasks given by you. We know right how lazy we humans are and how easily we get relied upon machinery to do our work. Likewise, Alexa is making our life easier by its explicit features

Want to call your mom? Just ask Alexa to do the part. Simply give the command “Alexa call Mom” and it will connect you to your mom. How amazing is it, right?

Planning to explore some unknown place? Alexa can be your perfect partner to navigate you throughout the entire journey with its super –technology. You can ask Alexa for the weather update too.

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Some of the common query raised by the customers:

Customers have found the device to be super beneficial to their daily lives but somehow or the other some of the issues have been frustrating. Some common issues that users have often faced are:

  • Alexa Echo Dot setup
  • Amazon Alexa is not able to detect your smart home device
  • Alexa is getting disconnected from the Wifi
  • How to connect Alexa to wifi
  • Alexa having trouble understanding
  • Why my Alexa slow to respond/ Alexa not responding
  • Getting Alexa device offline/Echo Dot offline error
  • Alexa dot  is not able to catch your words
  • Problem with streaming music from Spotify
  • An issue with playing music on the proper speaker

For all such problems, you can directly reach us for immediate assistance. In this blog, we will help you with the Echo dot setup.  

5 Quick and Easy Steps- How to Setup Echo Dot?

  • Plug-in your Echo Dot

Turn on your Alexa device, you need to plug-in the device to the power source. Once it is connected, a blue dim light will be switched on which eventually will turn to Orange light. Your Alexa will be ready to use.

  • Install the Alexa App in your Smart device

The second step for the Alexa Echo Dot setup involves the installation of the Alexa app on the phone/tablet. You can find several applications of Alexa on the Play Store or iTunes. You can download any one of them and then install it on your smartphone. 

Alexa Helpline

  • Add Echo Dot in your Alexa App

Now you have to open the Alexa app and go the app menu. Select Devices option and click on ‘+’ sign to add your device to the Alexa app. Select the Amazon Echo icon, followed by the Echo Dot icon, and press the image of the Echo dot. 

  • Connect Alexa to WiFi Connection

If you are wondering how to connect Amazon Echo to WiFi, then just follow this particular step to get your Alexa Device connected to wifi successfully. 

Once you have added the Echo Dot to the Alexa app, you will be prompted to go to the internet settings. You have to select the network that shows “Amazon XXX”. 

If this option is not available in your device, reach out to Alexa Helpline number. We will help you to form the rest of the Echo dot setup.

Back to the Alexa app after selecting the network. You have to choose the Wifi network that you want to connect with your Alexa echo dot. Enter the required credentials for the password and your device will be connected to the internet connection.

  • Create a room for your Echo Dot

You can now Select the room where your Alexa  Echo Dot is located or create a new room.

Congratulations you have successfully done the Alexa Echo Dot setup. If you wish to get any other assistance related to your Alexa device, you can contact us at any time via Alexa Toll-free number.

Smartechohelp experts available 24/7 to help you do Echo Dot Setup instantly, just dial our Toll-Free Alexa Helpline Number at +1 800-795-6963.

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