Echo Dot Offline

How To Fix Echo Dot Offline? Easy Troubleshooting Guide

While using the Echo device, sometimes you may face one or other issues and one of them is Echo Dot Offline or Alexa Offline. Amazon Alexa is one of those smart devices which gains the attention of the whole world for its voice assistant Alexa. 

Let us tell you that Echo Dot is the device in which Alexa is just a voice assistant that fulfills the demands of their users. We are telling you this because people sometimes confuse between Alexa and Echo. 

In this guide, we will let you know how you can resolve the issue of Echo Dot Offline in a short possible time via easy steps. 

Echo Dot Offline

Causes Why Is My Echo Dot Offline

Before moving towards the troubleshooting steps, it is necessary to know its cause first. If we will be able to find the root cause, it would be easy for us to resolve the error. 

Possible reasons behind Alexa Won’t Connect To Wifi are as follows: 

  1. Echo device might be outdated 
  2. The device is not connected to a power source
  3. Wifi is not working fine 
  4. Echo is placed too far from the router

How To Fix When Alexa Says Echo Dot Is Offline?

We have been hanging here all the troubleshooting steps for Alexa Offline ranging from easy to hard. Try them one by one.

  1. Plugged In The Device Properly: The very first and important thing that we would like you to check is the power. Check if you have plugged the device properly to the power adapter or not. After plugging in, if you will see the red light, it means your device has power, if not then connect the device with other power outlets. 
  2. Restart The Echo: To restart your device, take out the wires connected to the Echo device and let the device remain off for a while. Connect the device with the power outlet again. 
  3. Place Echo Closer To The Router:  If the above-mentioned step is not able to resolve the issue then put the Echo closer to the router. It is because a weak connection between the router and the Echo creates Echo Dot Offline trouble. If you will place the Echo a little closer to the router, the signal strength becomes stronger. 
  4. Move The Electronics Device: If you have placed an electronic device in between the Echo and the router, move them now. By electronic devices, we mean radio, T.V., microwave, etc. 
  5. Check the wifi: if your wifi will not work accurately then also you will end up saying my Alexa Not Responding. So, check your wifi and find down then either try to fix the trouble via restraining the device or contact your internet service providers.
  6. Echo And Smartphone Should Be On the Same Wifi: in case, you have connected the smartphone and Echo to different wifi networks then also Echo Device remains unresponsive. Hence, make sure that they both are connected with the same network. 

    If the issue still persists then try…

  7. Update The Echo Device: although the manufacturers have been designed the Echo device in the way that it automatically updates to its latest software. But, sometimes, it didn’t happen. Hence, we would like to suggest you check if your Echo device is up to date with its latest version or not. 
  8. Restart Alexa App: even after trying all the steps, if the issue still persists then try to restart the Alexa app. To do the same, go to the “settings” and from there relaunch the Alexa app again. Now, check if the problem still persists or not. 
  9. Update The Alexa App: Many times, an outdated app becomes the reason behind why your Alexa Device Is Unresponsive. Hence, open the play or app store and search for the Alexa app in the search bar. Update the Alexa app and then check if the issue got resolved or still persists. 
  10. Reinstall The Alexa App: if you have restarted and update the Alexa app and still your Echo Dot Is Offline then reinstall your app again. First, uninstall the app and download them again from the play store or app store. To uninstall the app form android phone, long-press the app and click on uninstall and the same goes for iPhone. 
  11. Deregister Echo Device: when someone orders the Echo device from them, Amazon registers the device before sending it to you. In case, the device is not registered then open the Alexa app and re-register the app.  
  12. Reset Echo Device To Factory Settings: This is one of the most effective steps from the whole process. When you will reset the device to factory settings then all the settings will be set to default. You will then have to register for the Echo again. 

Why Is My Alexa Not responding?

Sometimes you give some command to Alex but it fails to respond and ends up saying that “I’m having trouble understanding you”. If the same happening with you then follow the steps provided below:

  • Check The Microphone

Many times Echo users forget to turn On the microphone button and start working for no reason. So, get up from your bed and check if you have made the same mistake. 

  • Place Echo Near You

If the microphone button is already turned on then it may be possible that you have placed too far from you. Hence, place the device near to you and in the same room. Also, place the device 1ft. Far from the wall. 

  • Check your wifi

Another main reason why your Alexa Not responding is your wifi connection. A poor wifi connection also leads to the Echo Dot Offline issue. 

Check the router, if you will see any red light then restart it. If the red light is still there then call your internet service providers.

  • Change the Wake Word

Apart from all the other reasons, it may also be possible that you have too many Echo devices with the same name. This is why Alexa is trouble understanding you. Hence, change the wake word of your Echo device from the Alexa app first. 

We hope that these methods will definitely resolve the issue for you. You can also take help from our technicians who are willing to pick your call

  • Hard Reset Echo Device

If all the mentioned steps failed to resolve the issue then perform a Hard reset on your Echo device. To do so, follow the steps provided below: 

  • Press the reset button with the help of a pin at the bottom of the Echo device
  • When you will do that, you will see a blue light which then turns to orange 
  • The device will be turned off then 
  • Turn On the device again 
  • All the settings of the Echo device are now reset to the original
  • 6. Wifi Congestions

When you connect too many devices with the single wifi then also you will end up falling for issues like Echo Dot Offline and Alexa device not responding

So, disconnect other devices that are creating trouble in between you and your Amazon Alexa

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In this troubleshooting guide, we have told you enough methods to resolve the Echo Dot Offline issue. In addition to that, we have also told you how to fix the issue of Alexa Not Responding

Even after trying all the steps, if you still facing any issue then do call us on given toll-free numbers now. The dedicated team of technicians that we have, resolve the issues in a short period of time. 

So, don’t panic much and let our experts resolve the issue for you.

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