Echo Dot Not Responding

Echo Dot Not Responding:: Reasons And Troubleshooting 

Is your Echo Dot Not Responding properly? 

Don’t worry now as you have come to the right place. In this guide, we will tell you every solution that will help you to troubleshoot the issue. 

Echo is a very smart device and the reason why a lot of people are crazy about the device is its voice assistant Alexa. 

Behind why Echo Dot Not Responding, there could be several reasons. Hence, we will first try to find the root cause and then only we can move forward to resolve the concern. 

So, be focused and repeat all the methods that we were going to tell you below… 

Reasons Behind Echo Dot Not Responding

We have found a few reasons why you are dealing with Alexa Not Responding to Voice Commands. Just look at the following and tell us in the comments the main issue behind your Alexa. 

Don’t worry, it would be fun to resolve the issue and you will definitely gonna love this. 

  • The microphone button is turned off 
  • The wifi is not working properly 
  • Echo device is placed far from the router
  • Alexa app has not been updated for a long time
  • Your voice is not clear to Alexa 

To troubleshoot the issue of Alexa Slow to Respond, we first try all the basic methods and then move forward to the advanced ones. 

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Basic Solution To Troubleshoot Alexa Not Responding

  • Check Microphone Button

At first, check if you have forgotten to turn the microphone button on your Echo device. You can easily find the button above the device with a microphone icon. 

If found off then turn the button On and then ask Alexa to play something for you just to check. 

  • Reset Echo Device

If the microphone button is On and Alexa still not responding then you can try to resolve the concern via resetting the device

To perform a soft reset just disconnect the wires from the Echo device and let it off for a while. You can drink some water or juice. 

Now, reinsert all the cables again and check if the issue got resolved or not. 

  • Hard Reset Echo Device    

If the above solution won’t work out for you then perform a hard reset. To do so, simply press the reset button until the blue light turns orange.  

Turn off the device and wait for some time, you can go to the washroom if you want. Jokes apart!!! 

Turn On the device again and thank us in the comment section if everything is sorted out now.               

If the issue still persists then move forward to the advanced solutions   

Advanced Solutions To Resolve Alexa Device is Unresponsive  

If you have tried all the above steps and still facing the issue then it’s time to go for advanced solutions

Alexa Device is Unresponsive

  • Check the light ring

The light of the Echo device says a lot about the device. If it is red then it simply means that Alexa is not understanding you because the microphone button is off. 

Hence, turn the button On and resolve the issue of Echo Dot Not responding

  • Voice Training tool

Although Alexa is able to understand several languages and accents, sometimes it may show any kind of issue because of your accent. 

Hence, use a voice training tool that will help Alexa to understand what you are trying to say. 

  • Check Wifi Connection

If you have tired of trying all the steps that we have provided above then let us tell you that the issue is with your wifi connection. 

Hence, check if your router is fine and working perfectly or not. If found anything wrong then contact your service providers

It may also be possible that you have placed the device far from the router and that is why you are dealing with the issue. 

Hence, change the position of your Echo device and place it within the range of your router. 

  • Update Alexa App

Do you remember the last time you have updated your Alexa? We know that you have forgotten to update the device and automatic updates are off. 

Hence, update your Alexa app now from the play store to troubleshoot the concern of Amazon Echo Dot Not responding

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What Else You Can Do!!!

According to us, we have told you each and everything behind the issue of Alexa Device Unresponsive

We are sure that if you have followed each step in the given way then the Echo Dot Not Responding issue will be solved definitely. 

In many cases, people will not be able to resolve the issue by themselves and for all of them, we are always available. 

Yes, the dedicated team of technicians that we have, troubleshoot why Alexa App says Device is Unresponsive. Call them now and let them solve the error for you.

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