Echo Dot Does Not Respond

Why Is My Echo Dot Does Not Respond? How Can I Fix It?

When you will start using the Echo Dot, you will feel so happy and entertained but a bit anxious too. Alexa is a voice assistant device that works together with the Echo device and responds to your command. Sometimes, it may happen that due to one or other reasons the Echo Dot Does Not Respond

In this guide, we will tell you how you can fix this issue easily with some easy steps. So, read the guide carefully and start using your Echo device again. 

What Are The Main Causes Behind Echo Dot Does Not Respond?

Some of the main causes that we have found behind the issue of Alexa Not Responding are as follows. 

  1. An outdated wifi 
  2. Un Updated Alexa app 
  3. Distance between Echo and router 
  4. Voice recognition glitches 
  5. An issue with Amazon account setup 
  6. The microphone is not working properly 
  7. You have done wrong the Amazon account set up wrong 

Below we have covered 8 issues for why your Alexa Does Not Respond. Let’s know about each issue one by one. 

How To Fix When Alexa Not Responding to Voice Commands?

Alexa Not Responding to Voice Commands

There are times when you issue a common to the Alexa device and it says “sorry, I have trouble understanding you”. It simply means that Alexa is not able to get you properly. To fix the issue, we have found some easy methods. 

  • Check The Power And Internet Access In Your Echo Device

Two main reasons because of which your Alexa Device Is Unresponsive are improper power access and internet access. So, first, check if you have plugged the Echo device properly and then check if your internet is working fine or not. 

  • Check the Microphone 

Many times we forget to turn the microphone button On and end up facing the issue of Alexa Not Responding.  Hence, go near your Alexa-enabled device and check the microphone button. 

If found off then you got the answer to why your Echo Dot Not Responding. Turn it ON and then give some commands to Alexa. 

  • Echo And Smartphone Should Be On the Same Wifi

Another main condition when your Echo will stop responding is when your Echo and smartphone will be connected with different networks. So, check briefly and if connected with different networks then connect them with one

  • Restart Echo Dot 

This is one of the easiest ways to tackle any technical glitch. You just have to restart your Echo device. To do so, take out the power plug from your Echo device. 

Wait for a while and then reconnect the plug again. Check now if the issue got resolved or still there. 

  • Alexa-Enabled Device Should Be In Wifi Range

We hope that you are much familiar with the fact that Alexa-enabled devices will only work with a proper internet connection. In case you have placed the device outside the wifi range then it’s obvious that your Echo Dot Does Not Respond back to your commands.

  • Check Your Wifi 

If your wifi is down then also your Alexa App says Device is Unresponsive. So, try to connect any other device with the same wifi, if found any error then contact your internet service provider. 

How Do You FIx When Alexa Will Play Music On the Wrong Device?

Alexa Not Responding

With the help of multi-room audio, Alexa will let you play the same audio in both places simultaneously. But sometimes, users complain that Alexa is playing the music on the wrong device. 

If that is something that is happening with you too then do follow the steps that have been provided below: 

  • Check If You have Setup The Smart Home Group

It would be better if you will make a group and add your Alexa-enabled device into it. With the help of the group, Alexa will get a clear idea of which room you want to play music. 

For example: suppose you are sitting in the restroom and you want Alexa to play music there only then say “Alexa, play music in the restroom”. 

  • Make the RIght Echo As Your Default Speaker

Make one of your Echo devices the default speaker. You can do this easily with the help of the Alexa app. In this way, whenever you will ask Alexa to play music, only the right speaker will respond to you back. 

  • Name Your Alexa-enabled Device Properly

Sometimes, Alexa gets confused by its name and stops responding to the commands properly. This is the reason why you got trouble like Echo Dot Does Not Respond

Echo Dot Does Not Respond: Alexa Will Not Stream Music

Echo Dot Does Not Respond

If you have tried several times and still the Alexa is not streaming music, try the steps given below to fix the issue. 

  • Check Wifi Connection

An improper wifi connection could be the main reason why Alexa Not Working properly and not streaming any music. 

  • Reduce Wifi Congestion 

If you have connected too many devices with the single wifi, remove them all. After removing all other devices, try to stream the music again. 

Jump to the next step if the issue still persists. 

  • Alexa-Enabled Device Should Be in Wifi Range

The connectivity issue could also be the main reason why your Alexa Not Responding to Voice Commands. Hence, try to connect any other device with the same wifi. If found anything wrong then contact your network service providers 

  • Restart Alexa-Enabled Device

Sometimes a quick restart is enough to fix all the glitches. Hence, restart your Echo Dot and check if still, your App says Alexa Device is Unresponsive

Echo Dot Does Not Respond: Alexa Won’t Connect to WiFi

Alexa Won't Connect to WiFi

If you have found that Alexa is Not Working and there is an orange light on the Echo device. It simply means that there is something not good with the wifi. 

To fix this trouble, you need to try the steps that have been given below: 

  • Check Internet Connection

One of the main causes behind why your wifi is not working properly is because your internet is down. Hence, fix your internet connection either by restarting the router or by contacting your internet service providers. 

  • Restart your Router And Modem

Try to fix the network issue by restarting the router and the modem. Many times a simple restarting is enough to troubleshoot all technical glitches. 

  • Restart Alexa-Enabled Devices

If you have restarted the Echo Dot and even then Echo Dot Slow to Respond then try to fix it by restarting the Alexa-enabled device. 

  • Check The Wifi Password

In case you are trying to connect the Echo with the router with the wrong password, you will end up troubling Alexa is Not Responding. Check the password, if found wrong then enters it again.

How do you fix an unresponsive Alexa light?

To fix the issue of Alexa Not Working as the light is unresponsive is, turn On the light for 2 to 3 seconds and then turn it off for 2 to 3 seconds. Repeat this step several times. This method will help to reset the smart light. 

If you find that reset is successful, the bulb will start blinking. Again, turn off the blub and restart the discovery, turn ON the bulb again. 

Where is the reset button on Alexa?

There are times when the Echo device will start showing some issues and one of the easiest ways to resolve the issue is via resetting the Alexa. Hence, you should know where the reset button on Alexa is. 

If you are talking about the first-generation Amazon Echo, you will find the reset button at the bottom of the Echo speaker. Take a pin and then press the button for at least 5 seconds. Wait until you will not see an orange spin light. It simply means that you have reset the device completely. 

How do you unmute echo dot?

To unmute the Echo Dot you can follow the command that has been provided below: 

  1. If you want to ask for any help: “Alexa, help.”
  2. If you want to have a conversation with Alexa: “Alexa, let’s chat.”
  3. To Mute or unmute the device: “Alexa, mute” or, “Alexa, unmute.”
  4. If you want to stop or pause: “Alexa, stop” or, “Alexa, shut up.”
  5. Want to change the volume? : “Alexa, set the volume to 5,” “Alexa, louder” or “Alexa, turn up/down the volume.”

How Do You Fix When Alexa Calling Not Working?

Amazon Echo devices can do anything. Apart from playing music, jokes, news for you then can also take the job of your phone call. But, sometimes it may be possible that your Alexa Calling Not Working properly. 

In this case, you need to focus on the methods that we have provided below: 

  • Check The Contact Information First

If you have tried several times and still Alexa is unable to place the call, check your contact information first. It may be possible that either you have saved the wrong contact information or your contact has changed the number. 

  • Check Internet Connection 

Another possible reason why Echo Dot Does Not Respond could be your internet connection. Either your wifi is not working fine or your contact is not connected with well-working internet. So, we would like to suggest you check your internet connectivity first. 

  • Restart Alexa app

If you have tried all the above-given steps and still Alexa Not Working then try to fix the issue by restarting the Alexa app. You can easily restart the Alexa app from the setting menu. Relaunch the app again if the problem still persists. 

  • Update Alexa App

It happens many times that we forget to update the Alexa app and end up facing several glitches. Hence, open the play store and search there for the Alexa app, update the app and then try to call again. 

How To Fix When Alexa Is Not Able To Find Any Device?

Echo Dot Does Not Respond

Sometimes when you try to add any smart home device, Alexa fails to detect. In this case, follow the steps that have been provided below: 

  • Make Sure That Your Smart Home Device Is Compatible With Alexa

It may be possible that Alexa is not compatible with the smart device that you are having. Hence, either change the device or always buy branded smart home devices. 

  • Complete The Setup Of The Device Online

If you want to complete the setup then go to Amazon’s Alexa page and complete the setup there. After doing this, check if now Alexa is able to recognize your device or not. 

  • Restart the Alexa App

 Even after trying all the steps, you are facing the issue then restart the Alexa app from the settings and relaunch the app again. After doing this, check if now Alexa is able to detect your smart home device or not. 

  • Restart Alexa-Enabled Device

After restarting the Alexa app, restart the Echo Dot and then check if Alexa is detecting the smart home device or not. 

  • Echo And Smartphone Should Be On The Same Wifi Network

In case you have connected the Echo and the smartphone with the different wifi networks, you will end up troubling several connectivity issues. 

Can you change Alexa’s name?

You can easily change the name of the Alexa by following the steps that have been provided below: 

First, you need to go to the official website of Amazon and then open the Alexa app there. Log in with your credentials i.e email id and password. 

In the upper right corner, you will see the hamburger button, click on it and the side menu will be expanded. From there, select the “settings” and then enter the name to Alexa and don’t forget to click on “save changes” 

Last Words…

Alexa Helpline

In this guide, we have discussed several reasons behind why Echo Dot Does Not Respond.  We hope that all the steps that we have provided you are enough to fix the trouble. In case you are still dealing with any problem, do call us on the number that we have already provided you. 

We have a team of dedicated technicians who are 24*7 ready to help you. Call them now and let them solve the trouble.

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