How To Connect Amazon Echo To Wifi? Quick Setup Steps

Are you troubling about How To Connect Amazon Echo To Wifi? Let us tell you that without a proper internet connection you can’t use your Echo device. You can think in the way that the Echo device is the body and Alexa is the soul. 

To connect both of them, an internet connection is a must. No matter if you have purchased a new device or are doing Alexa Setup, follow this guide. 

Below, we have mentioned all the necessary steps that will help you to connect the Amazon Echo To Wifi. 

We are also going to mention some of the troubleshooting steps which will help you when your device starts showing some issue. 

Are you ready? 

How To Connect Amazon Echo To Wifi for the first time? 

If you are connecting the Echo device with the internet for the very first time then do follow the given steps: 

Before connecting:

  • Download the Alexa app to your smartphone 
  • Your wifi should work fine with no error and connectivity issues
  • Your smartphone and Echo device should be connected to the same network

How To Connect Amazon Echo To Wifi

After fulfilling all the above steps, we will now  tell you How to connect Alexa to wifi

  • Open the Alexa app and enter the Amazon Credentials to it, i.e your id and password
  • Click on “get started” 
  • You will now be provided a list, choose the name and proceed further
  • Now, you will be asked to give Amazon permission to access your contacts and notification. Depends on you, either allow or  click on later to process further
  • Now, you will see the home of Alexa app, at the top left corner, click on three horizontal lines known as menu

Connect Amazon Echo To Wifi

  • When you will click on that, you will see the option of settings, click on it
  • Tap on “Add a new device” 
  • Choose the Echo device that you are having now
  • After selecting the specific model that you are having, like Echo Dot or Echo Plus, proceed
  • Now, you have to plug the Echo device to the power source
  • We know that you are excited and you have already connected the device to the power source
  • Now, turn On the device
  • If the light ring will turn to orange, click on the “Continue” button from your Alexa app
setup alexa step by step
Connect Alexa Device With Your Smartphone
  • It may be possible that the app will ask you to connect the device with your smartphone. To do so, follow all the instructions given on the screen
  • You will now see a confirmation message on the screen 
  • Now, you don’t have to worry about anything as you will automatically see the list of available wifi networks on the screen 

Connect Alexa Device With Your Smartphone

  • You just have to choose your wifi network and enter the password 
  • When you will be completed the Alexa WiFi Setup,  you will hear a confirmation message 
  • And now you are completely connected with the wifi, you will see the message that you are online
  • This is How To Connect Amazon Echo To wifi

How To Connect Amazon Echo To wifi

How To Connect Alexa To The New Wifi Network?

For those who want to connect the Alexa device with new wifi, follow the steps that have been given below: 

  • Open the Alexa app 
  • Click on the menu and go to the settings 
  • Now, click on the device settings
  • Click on the device that you want to change the wifi network 

Connect Alexa To The New Wifi Network

  • Click on “change” followed by “to wifi network” 
  • Now, you just have to follow the screen instructions to Connect Amazon Echo to WiFi
  • Read the above-given steps if you will be stuck somewhere

Connect Amazon Echo to WiFi

Some Important Troubleshooting Steps For Amazon Echo Errors

Although the Echo device is one of the smartest there are times when it starts showing some issues. 

Have a look at common Echo related issues: 

alexa troubleshooting tips

If you are any kind of issue with your Echo device then follow the steps that have been given below: 

  • Restart your Alexa device 
  • Restart router or modem 
  • Reset the Alexa device to factory settings 
  • Check if you are connected to the correct wifi network 
  • Update the firmware of the modem or router 
  • Place the Echo device near the router 

 All of these steps are basic methods to resolve Alexa related issues. Whenever your Echo device will show you any kind of trouble then try above-given steps. 

Many times these steps are enough to troubleshoot Alexa related issues. 

Alexa Helpline Number!!!

Alexa Helpline

In this guide, we have told you the easy steps for How To Connect Amazon Echo To wifi

In addition to this, we have also provided you some of the basic solutions to fix some Alexa related problems.

Apart from this guide, if you need someone who can help you then dial given Alexa Helpline Number now. 

we have a team of dedicated technicians who can resolve any kind of Alexa related issues in a short period of time.

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