How Do I Enable My Amazon Alexa Skills? Benefits Of Enable Alexa Skills

If talking about Amazon Alexa Skills then you can compare it to the deep ocean. Just like no one can tell the depth of the oceans, no one can tell how many tasks an Alexa device performs. 

Similar to Google Assistant and Siri, Alexa is a voice assistant that fulfills the demand of its users. From playing music for you to control the smart home gadgets even from a different location, Alexa will manage everything for you. 

In this guide, we will learn something about Amazon Alexa Skills and how you can make them enable. 

Amazon Alexa Skills

How To Enable Amazon Alexa Skills?

This winter no one wants to step out of their bed. But wait, what you will do when you need to turn the lights off. Yes, it is correct that Alexa can’t control nature calling but yes, it controls your smart home gadgets. 

So, you don’t have to do it yourself. Just say the wake word of Alexa and it will handle itself. Let us tell you how you can Enable Alexa Skills

  1. Open the Alexa app first on your smartphone or tablet 
  2. Open the menu by swiping right 
  3. Click on the option of “skills” 
  4. Browse to all the categories shown up there 
  5. Click on the option of “enable skill” 

If you will follow the steps provided above, you will be able to add Skills For Amazon Echo. Amazon also provides ratings that will help you to decide which one would be the best for you. 

You can think in the way as you are downloading any app from the play store to your smartphone. When you will search for Amazon Alexa Skills, you will get numerous options. Some of which are free but for some, you have to pay for something. 

Facing any Issue? Dial Given Alexa Helpline Number And Talk To Our Experts Now 

Which Are The Trending Amazon Alexa Skills?

Although all the skills of Alexa are best, some of them that you will love are as follows: 

  • Send Hug To Your Loved Ones

Ohh so you are missing your loved ones? Let them tell you that you really them by sending a hug via Alexa. To do so, you just have to say, “Alexa, send a hug to (name of the contact). Within a second, your loved one will get to know your feeling for him/her. 

Just not only that but if you are an Echo Show user, you can video call anyone anytime. Ohh!!! So you don’t know how to do echo show video calling. Don’t worry, we will cover each and everything after completing the skills. 

  • Ask about Weather Reports 

Before going out for something, we all check the weather first. Isn’t it? Even after checking the reports, sometimes I have trouble a lot but not now. With the Big Sky feature of the Alexa device, you will not only get the accurate weather report of your street but also the wind speed and the humidity. 

  • Get To Know Exclusive Amazon Deals 

If you want to know about the latest deals, you don’t have to search and waste your time. Ask the Alexa device and get to know everything about the latest deals and offers. 

  • Get Nutrition Tips From Echo Device

We are really happy that you have finally decided to live a healthy life. We know that it is really hard for you to decide what to eat and what to not. Don’t worry, as Alexa will do it for you and we are not joking. 

You just have to say, “Alexa, tell me some nutrition tips” 

  • Enjoy Talking Alexa In Different Languages 

Alexa is a really very smart voice assistant, you can’t even think off. In India, the two popular languages that we speak are Hindi and English. So, you will get a response in both languages. 

The assistance is available in the U.S. (with support for English and Spanish), Canada (where Alexa will understand both English and Canadian French), and India (where it will support Indian English and Hindi)

  • You Can Get The Pet Help

Alexa knows that you are a pet lover and you love him/her more than you care for yourself. In case, you find that your pet is not looking fine, use the My Pet Doc skill of Alexa. You just have to answer a few questions and you will be provided the solution. 

In the case, you find that you didn’t get the solution yet, your conversation and the phone number will be forwarded to the veterinarian. After this, you will get the call within a few minutes. 

  • Alexa Will Pick Best Music For You

We know that you get bored listening to the same songs every day. This is why we have a skill for you i.e Alexa Music Pack. to enable this Amazon Alexa Skills, you just have to say, Alexa, play Daily Music Pack. 

Let us tell you that all the popular artists will choose the best song they are enjoying at home on this playlist. 

  • Listen To Audiobooks

If you are a regular book reader, you will definitely gonna love audiobooks, isn’t it? The best thing about audiobooks is, you can do other things too while listening to the book. Let us tell you that AUDIBLE is the best and popular Alexa audiobook skill. 

With the help of Audible, which is a mobile audiobook service, you can listen the same via Alexa speakers and control according to you. For a change, you can also switch to an Amazon kindle book which doesn’t need any introduction. 

  • Know The Latest Recipes

This is one of the favorite Amazon Alexa Skills for food and kitchen lovers. The one who loves to cook is always eager to know about new recipes daily. 

Although, there are numerous cooking skills and among all the favorite ones are Easy meal,  America’s Test Kitchen Daily Cooking Q&A, Morton’s Salting Sous Chef, etc. 

  • Alexa Another Echo Device

With the help of the Alexa app, you can make video and voice calls from Alexa-enabled devices such as Echo, Echo Show, and Echo Dot. to find the name of the contacts, Alexa will check your phonebook. 

Hence, it is very important to save contact information before you place the call. In case you don’t know how to add contacts to the echo show, call us on the given Helpline number. 

  • Alexa Can Be Your Personal Trainer Also

We understand that you need someone behind your back who can train you in the perfect way. This is one of the best Amazon Alexa Skills. You just have to say, “Alexa, start a 7-minute workout”. 

You can also take a break whenever you need it. Also, Alexa will suggest all the exercises that will help you to increase metabolism, energy, and remove fat from your body. 

  • Check The Balance Of Credit Card

Do you know that most American cardholders used to manage their card via the Alexa Amex Skill? You just have to say, “Alexa, open Amex”, and then you can check the balance, review charges, make a payment, check available credit, etc. 

Hence, it can be said that if you want to keep all of your finances in order, you can use one of the best Amazon Alexa Skills

  • Ask Alexa For The Best Restaurant Nearby

We know that you have tired of searching for the best restaurant nearby. Yes, it may be hard sometimes to find the best place in new places. But, wait, you are an Alexa user right, then why are you worried. 

Just ask Alexa for the best restaurant available at your location. Also, she will tell you the open and closing time too. 

  • Play With Alexa

If you are getting bored, Alexa will play some interesting games for you including,  Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock; tic-tac-toe,  20 questions; Lizard; bingo; Jeopardy, etc. 

To find more and more games, check the section of Trivia and accessories from the Alexa app. 

  • Get Pregnancy tips Via Amazon Alexa

What is Except is one of the best and useful Amazon Alexa Skills for expectant parents. This skill will help you to provide you tips and advice for properly taking care of yourself and your baby. 

This is nothing but Alexa has thousands of these skills that will really amaze you. 

Alexa Skills

How To Do Video Call On Echo Show Via Amazon Alexa Skills?

Look, you can place the video call on the Echo show via two methods: 

  1. Video Call Through Voice Commands 
  2. Video Call Through Display 

Let’s start at… 

How To Do the Video Call Through Voice?

To start the video call on your Echo Show, follow the steps that have been given below: 

  • Say, “Alexa, call(name of the person). When you will give the commands, Alexa will confirm the name of the contact. Confirm and the call will begin. 
  • The other person should also have the Echo Show as well as connected to a good speed internet connection. 

How To Do The Video Call Through Display?

To start the video call on Echo show via display, follow the steps that have been given below: 

  • Swipe from the right side of the display to the left. Doing this will open the menu feature. From the menu that appears, open “communicate” 
  • Click on “show contacts” to select the person you want to make calls

This is how you can easily Enable Video Skill On Alexa

What To Do When Echo Show Video Call Not Working?

Verify Contact Information 

If the Echo show call is not working properly, check the contact information properly. It may be possible that you have saved the wrong number. 

Check Your Internet 

If you connect your device with a bad internet connection, you will end up troubling with the Echo Show video calls not working. 

Turn On The Camera

There are many Alexa users who forget to turn On the camera of their Echo show and end up thinking that the device is not working perfectly. 

Restart the Router 

This is one of the best ways to fix any kind of technical glitch. What you have to do is, turn off the device, remove all the cables and wait for some time. Insert the cables again and then check if the issue got resolved or not. 

Restart Echo Show 

Even after restarting the router, if you are facing the same issue yet, try to fix it via restarting Echo Show. To do it, turn off the Echo Show and restart it after a while. We hope that this will fix the issue for you definitely. 

How To Use Skype On Echo Show?

If you want to use your skype on the Echo show, make sure that you have a Skype account. In case, you don’t have any account then you need to create one. Also, install the Alexa app on your device. 

  1. Connect your device with a high-speed internet connection first. 
  2. Now, you have to open the Alexa app 
  3. Go to the “settings” >” communicate”>skype so as to link all of your contacts. 
  4. Enter the id and password and login into the Microsoft account 
  5. Say the wake word of the Alexa and ask her to call the person through the skype app 

And this is how to use skype on echo shows. Although we have told you many Amazon Alexa Skills this one is at the top of the list. 

Connect Alexa To Bose Speaker

What Are The Steps To Connect Alexa To Bose Speaker?

If you are dying to connect the Bose speaker to Alexa, follow the steps that have been given below: 

  1. Turn on the speaker and put it in blending mode. 
  2. Go to in an internet browser or open the Amazon Alexa application on iOS or Android. 
  3. From the left menu, click on Settings. 
  4. Under the Devices section, select the Alexa device you need to pair with the Bose speaker. 
  5. Click on the Bluetooth option. 
  6. Tap Pair a New Device. 
  7. Trust that your Bluetooth speaker will show up under Available Speakers and select it.
  8. Pair Alexa with Bose Speaker process has been completed, congratulations


Soon after you will connect the Alexa with the Bose speakers, you will hear all the sounds from Bose speakers instead of the Alexa device. 

In case you are facing any type of issue at any step then do call us via the given Alexa Helpline Numbers now. 

How to Connect SiriusXM to Alexa?

To enable Amazon Alexa Skills to add SiriusXM to Alexa, follow the steps that have been provided below: 

  1. From inside the Amazon Alexa application, select Skills from the menu. 
  2. Now, you need to search and enable the SiriusXM Skill from the Music and Audio classification. 
  3. Select Link Account and enter your SiriusXM streaming username and secret key (click here on the off chance that you overlooked your streaming username or secret word). 
  4. Usernames are CaSe SeNsItIve, so ensure the principal letter isn’t naturally promoted when entering usernames on a cell phone. 
  5. Guarantee there are no spaces previously or after the username.

This is how to link SiriusXM to Alexa. 

Final Words… 

In this guide, we have told you how you can easily enable Amazon Alexa Skills. Although all the steps that we have provided you above are enough to solve the problem. In case you got stuck somewhere, call us on the given Alexa helpline Number

Alexa Helpline

We have a team of dedicated technicians who are waiting for your call. They are experienced enough to fix all types of Alexa related issues. So, you don’t have to worry more, just dial the given helpline number and let them remove the tension from your head. 

While using the Echo device, you may encounter several issues. Some could be solved easily while others need proper steps. This is why save our toll-free number to your phonebook.

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