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To do the Amazon Alexa Setup, you first need to connect your device with the available internet connection, download the Alexa app, connect Alexa to the wifi and then you can use your Echo device.

Just after the setup, you will experience a smart, intelligent, and fast AI installed in an attractive device. Unlike in old times, you can do a number of things just by your voice commands.

Although we are going to tell you everything in this guide related to Alexa Setup, in case you are having a question in mind, dial the Alexa Helpline Number.

Amazon Alexa Setup In Few Simple Steps

We understand that you eagerly want to know How To Setup Amazon Echo but you have to be a little patient.

To Setup Alexa, you need a good speed of internet connection, Alexa app, Amazon account, Echo device, and power source. If you have all of these things then you can proceed further to complete the Echo Dot Setup.

  1. Unpack The Echo Device
  2. Download The Alexa App
  3. Plug-In The Echo Device
  4. Connect Alexa To Wifi
  5. Talk To The Echo Device

Want to ask anything from our experts? Dial the toll-free Alexa Helpline Number now and let our technicians help you.

1. Unpack The Echo Device

The first and foremost thing that you should do is unpacking so as to complete Amazon Alexa Setup. With both of your hands and a big smile on your face, remove the Echo device from its box and take out all of its essentials.

2. Download Alexa Echo App

No matter whether you are having an iPhone or Android, Windows or Mac, you would need to download the Alexa app on pc, smartphone, or Alexa App For Mac to Setup Alexa Dot.

You can easily download the app on your smartphone from the play store. Make sure that the ios version is 11.0 or above and the android version must be 6.0 or above.

If you want to download the app on your computer then you would need to visit the official Amazon website. From here, you can easily download the app for PC for Amazon Alexa Setup.

3. Connect Echo To Power Source

Don’t worry, this is one of the easiest and everyone’s favorite steps from the whole Alexa Echo Dot Setup process. You just need to connect the Echo device to the power source with the help of the original power adapter.

Once you connect the charger, you will see a Blue ring light on the Echo device which means it is successfully connected.

In a few seconds, this blue light will be changed to orange and Alexa will greet you in her sweet voice.

4. Connect Alexa To Wifi For Amazon Alexa Setup

This is one of the important steps of the whole process. In this step, you will have to Connect Alexa To Wifi to complete the Amazon Alexa Setup. We would like to tell you that until your Alexa Won’t Connect To Wifi it is impossible to use the Echo device and its features.

Don’t worry, it’s very easy to do that. If you have already downloaded the Alexa app then we can proceed further, if not then install it now.

  1. Open the Alexa app and complete the login from email id and password.
  2. After the complete sign-in process, tap on “Devices” in the lower right corner of the screen.
  3. Choose your Echo device from the option of “Echo & Alexa”.
  4. Under the wireless settings, do check the state of the wifi network.
  5. Connect Alexa to the available internet connection and save the password. If you want then you can also connect other Echo devices with the same wifi network.

While using the Echo device, you may have to deal with certain wifi-related issues like Alexa Offline, or Alexa Error 73001. Hence, it is very necessary to put the Echo device close to the router and far from the devices like Baby Monitors, Microwave, etc.

5. Wake Up The Echo Device

You have successfully completed all the steps for Echo Dot Setup and it’s time to wake up the Echo device with your sweet voice. To do so, you would need to say the wake word and i.e “Alexa” by default.

In the case you would like to change this word then it can be done from the Alexa app. Other wake words for your Echo device are “Echo”, “Computer”, and “Amazon”.

6. Use Your Echo Device Now

We know that you are very happy today as you have done the Amazon Alexa Setup yourself. You can now ask Alexa to perform a number of tasks for you. No matter whether you want to listen to songs, set an alarm, switch ON/Off smart home lights, Alexa will do all of these things for you and much more.

Alexa Helpline


To complete the Amazon Alexa Setup, it is a must to download the Alexa app on your device first. In this guide, we have mentioned all those steps that are required to complete the setup. Even though, if you want to ask anything from our experts then dial the given Alexa Helpline Number now and our experts will help you to fix Alexa Issues.

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