What Does Alexa Yellow Light Mean?

Alexa Yellow Light”! Have you ever thought about what Alexa Yellow light means? 

Yes, you may have seen the yellow ring flashing light multiple times, but it is really necessary to know its meaning too. 

Let us tell you that, 

Yellow flashing or blinking light on the Echo device means that you may have one or more notifications on your Echo account. On the other hand, Spinning Yellow light on the Echo device means that your device has been connected to the wifi. 

Let’s know about it in a little more detail. 

“Alexa Yellow Light”, What Does It Shows To You?

You must be aware of the fact that the Echo device is totally linked with the Amazon account. Hence, when you shop anything from Amazon, for each shipment stage you will be notified and this is what Alexa Yellow Light blinks. 

If you want then the Alexa device can also read your notification loudly. Until and unless you will not get your order, you will be notified at every stage. 

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How Do I Stop When Alexa Flashing Yellow Light?

If you want to stop the Alexa Yellow Light, you can do it very easily. You just have to say, “Say, What Notifications Do I Have”?. 

At the time you will say this, Alexa will start reading all the notifications loudly and clearly. This is how you can stop Alexa to flash yellow lights. 

How Can I Stop Alexa To Stop Reading Out The Product Names?

It may be possible that you may have ordered something private and you don’t want Alexa to read out the notifications loudly. 

You know what do we mean, right? 

Hence, sometimes, it is necessary to stop the notification. We are going to tell you a number of steps that will help you to stop Yellow Light On Alexa

  1. On your Alexa app, go to the settings. 
  2. Tap on the “Notifications”. 
  3. Now, go to Amazon Shopping. 
  4. Toggle off, “Give ordered items titles”. 
  5. Congratulations! You have completely stopped Alexa to read out the notifications loudly. 

How To Disable Alexa Yellow Light Order Notifications On Alexa?

If you don’t want the Alexa Blinking Yellow as the notification light, you can turn it off from the Alexa app following the below-given steps. 

  1. On your smart device, open the Alexa app. Alexa-Yellow-Light
  2. Open the settings and choose “Notifications”. 
  3. From the given list, choose “Amazon Shopping” and toggle off the Alexa Blinking Yellow notification. 
  4. Don’t forget to toggle off all other delivery notifications too like “Out for delivery” & “Delivery”. 

How Alexa Yellow Light Could Be Useful?

In most of the places, it is being observed that most of the delivery packages get stolen. Hence, if you enable the Alexa Yellow Light, you will be able to track your packages easily. 

In this way, it would be easy for you to save your order from thieves. 

How To Fix When Alexa Not Responding?

Most of the users have complained that their Alexa Not Responding to several commands. In this case, you may need to follow the steps that have been given below. 

1. Check Your Internet 

If you have recently noticed that Yellow Light is not blinking and your Echo-enabled device is not responding, check your internet connection. 

Let us tell you that without a proper internet connection, you won’t be able to use your Echo device. 

2. Move Your Echo Device Near The Router

If you have found that your internet is working perfectly but still Alexa Not Discovering Devices and Yellow Light On Alexa not blinking, move your Echo device a little closer to the router. 

3. Check The Wifi Password 

After following the above-given methods if still, your Alexa Won’t Connect To Wifi, check the wifi password. 

It may be possible that someone has changed the password. Hence, update the password from the Alexa app. 

4. Restart The Router And Echo Device 

If still, your Alexa Light is not blinking, restart the router and the Echo device. Several times, you just need a quick restarting and all of the Alexa issues get resolved easily. 

So, don’t think much and restart the Echo device and router now. 

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In this guide, we have discussed what Alexa Yellow Light means and how it is useful for Alexa users. We have also told you how to turn off the Yellow notification from the Amazon Alexa App. 

Apart from this if you are facing any problem related to the Alexa then do call us on the given helpline number. Our experts have years of experience and they can easily fix several Alexa issues like Alexa Slow To Respond, Alexa Won’t Connect To Wifi, Why Is My Alexa Blinking Yellow, etc.

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