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My Alexa Won’t Turn On Samsung TV How Do I Fix The Issue?

We know that your Alexa Won’t Turn On the Samsung TV and this is the reason why you have searched the whole web. To resolve this issue of yours, our team has completed its research work and presented this guide before you. 

In this troubleshooting guide, we will let you know how to fix the issue quickly. If you want to troubleshoot any kind of Alexa related issue then call us on the Alexa helpline number. We have a team of technicians that is always ready to deal with an issue like this. 

So, don’t think much and call us anytime you want. We are round the clock accessible for you. 

Why Is The Alexa Won’t Turn On? Some Basic Reasons

When you have found that your Alexa Won’t Turning On these could be some of the main reasons. 

  • Alexa app is not working properly 
  • Alexa is not able to find smart home devices 
  • The wifi router has been down 
  • The voice assistant of Alexa not working
  • Your devices are not properly paired. 


How Do You Fix When Alexa Won’t Turn On Samsung Tv?

We have found many cases in which the Echo user asks Alexa to turn on the TV but it refuses. We have told you all the possible reasons why Alexa Won’t turn On. Now, let’s focus on all the troubleshooting steps to fix the issue. 

One of the major reasons behind the issue of Alexa Not Turning On Lights or TV could be its microphone. First, check the microphone of the Echo device. 

In addition to that, we would like to tell you, the LED light on the Alexa says a lot about it. If you will see a spinning violet light, it simply means that your device is facing an issue in setup mode. The spinning orange light means your device is connected to the wifi. If you are seeing a solid red color, it means that the microphone is turned off. 

Alexa App May Not Working Properly 

If you are trying to turn On the Tv with your Alexa app but it refuses to do so, check the Alexa app. It may be possible that your Alexa app has stopped working. If you have confirmed that the Alexa app is not working properly, restart the app, update the app. 

Many times an outdated Alexa starts creating a number of issues and Alexa Won’t turn On Samsung TV is one of them.

Alexa is not able to find smart home devices 

Another main reason why Alexa won’t Turn On the smart home gadgets could be, the device is not supported by Alexa. In this case, you have found that your device is totally supported by the app and still it is not working. Dial the given helpline number now. Our technicians will look into the matter and fix the issue for you. 

It may be possible that whatever you are trying to say, Alexa is not hearing properly. So, open the Alexa app and check what Alexa has heard. 

Restart The Alexa-enabled Device

Try to fix the issue by restarting it. Don’t worry, to do so, you just have to turn off the Echo device and then disconnect all the cables. Wait for at least one minute and then turn on the Echo device again. 

If the issue still persists, jump to the next troubleshooting method. 

Check Your Wifi Router

The reason why your Alexa Won’t Turn On could be your wifi. So, you have to check your wifi device first. If you have found your wifi down, call your internet service providers first. 

You can fix the issue related to the router by resetting it. Even after resetting the device, if your router won’t work, call our technicians. 

You Haven’t Paired The Devices Properly

Let us tell you, Samsung smart things presents one of the best and smart modular systems. It simply means that you won’t have to pay extra effort to add any device to it. But, we have read many cases in which the user complains about the inability to pair devices. 

In this case, either contact your Samsung services providers or call us now on the given numbers. 

How Do You Fix When Alexa Not Turning On Lights?

We hope that you have completely fixed the issue of Alexa Won’t Turn On Samsung TV. Now, we are moving ahead in the direction to fix Alexa Not Turning On Lights. 

To fix the issue of Alexa Not Turning On Lights, open the Alexa app and check if the app has paired the light or not. If you have found that you have properly paired up the smart light and still the light not working, check your light. It may be possible that the smart light has been fused and it needs to be replaced. 

Or else, turn off the light for a while and then restart it again. In most of the cases, the issue got easily resolved just by doing this. Also, try to fix the trouble by taking out the bulb from the holder for a while and insert the bulb again. 

Alexa Helpline
In A Nutshell… 

It can be said that you may face one or other kinds of issues while using the Echo device. One of those issues is Amazon Alexa Won’t Turn On. although, we have told you all the methods and troubleshooting steps to fix the issue. In case, you are still facing issues while using your Alexa device then let us know. 

The dedicated team of experts that we have will let you know all the troubleshooting steps. They are round that clock available to help you. So, don’t waste your time, let us solve the issue for you.

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