Alexa Won’t Connect To Wifi

Quick Steps To Resolve Alexa Won’t Connect To Wifi

Hey! Stop Stressing about why your Alexa Won’t Connect To Wifi, that’s a very common issue and can be solved just by following a few methods. We understand that it feels really bad when you spend so much money on something and it stops working suddenly. But, there is one thing that we want you to know, it’s not always the device’s mistake all the time, sometimes it’s the way you treat it. 

The echo device is so much popular all over the world today because of its voice assistant Alexa. You will feel like there is someone with you always to fulfill your demands. Moving back to the topic, we have researched and found some of the easy methods to resolve the issue of Alexa Won’t Connect To Wifi

Why Is My Alexa Won’t Connect To Wifi?

Actually, no one can tell the exact reason behind this issue. There could be a number of possibilities which include wifi signals are being blocked, you have placed Alexa far from the router, an issue with the router, etc. 

To solve this concern, you just have to follow the steps that have been given below. 

  • 1 Check Your Internet Connection

It’s very obvious that when Alexa is not connecting with wifi then there could be something not good with the internet connection. Hence, check if your router is working fine or not. If you have found red light blinking on the router then call your internet service provider now. 

  • 2 Try To Restart Your Modem And Router

This is one of the easiest ways to resolve the concern. You just have to restart your modem and the router manually, wait for a while and then restart them again. There are chances that these steps will help to resolve the issue, if not then jump to the next step. 

  • 3 Restart The Alexa Device

You can try to Connect Alexa To Wifi by restarting the Echo device. For the same, just unplug the device from the power source and turn ON the device again and check if the issue gets resolved or not. 

  • 4 Make Sure You Are Connected With Right Network

There are times when people forget to connect their device with the right network, hence, check if you are connected with the right network or not. Apart from this, make sure you have entered the right password. Check the password twice before pressing the Ok button. Also, disconnect the device from the wifi network and then try to connect it again to resolve the issue of Alexa Won’t Connect To Wifi

Alexa Helpline

  • 5 Move Alexa Device Near The Router

It may be possible that both of your Alexa devices and the router are working fine but the thing is, you have put them far from each other. Hence, make sure that you have put your Alexa device near the router so that it won’t face any difficulty connecting to it. 

  • 6 Check For The Possible Interface

Between the router and the Alexa device, there should not be any barrier like brick walls, concrete walls, etc. it is because these things interrupt the Alexa device to connect with the router and hence you will have trouble connecting Alexa To Wifi

For an immediate solution, you can dial Alexa Toll-Free Number now. The team of experienced technicians will resolve the issue in a short possible time. 

  • 7 Reset Alexa Device To Factory Settings

If all the above steps fail to troubleshoot the issue of Alexa Won’t Connect To Wifi then the only way to resolve this issue is to Reset Alexa Device To Factory Setting

  •  Resetting a third-generation (newest) Amazon Echo Dot to factory settings

To do so, press the Action button for 25 seconds. By doing this, you will see a light ring that will first blink orange and then turned off. Soon after that, the light will turn to blue then orange which indicates that Alexa is in setup mode. Now, set up your Alexa device again. 

  • Resetting a second-generation Amazon Echo Dot to factory reset

To reset a 2nd generation device you just have to press the microphone and volume down button simultaneously. Just after you do that, the light first turns On and then turns Off which means that you have reset Alexa again. 

  • Resetting a first-generation Amazon Echo Dot to factory reset

At the bottom of the device, you will find a reset button, you just have to press the button using a clip or something that can be inserted easily into the hole. Press the button until the light ring will turn orange and then blue. 

As soon as you will release the button, the light will turn off. Wait for the light turns to orange which means that you can now do Alexa Wifi Setup again. 

Alexa Helpline

Phone Number for Alexa Customer Service

We hope that all the above steps are enough to tell you How To Connect Alexa To Wifi. Although we have told you each and everything to troubleshoot Alexa Won’t Connect To Wifi but, if there is something that is troubling you then dial Alexa Toll-Free Number now. 

Our experienced technicians will pick the call and ask you about the issue. Just tell them everything and in just a few minutes they will resolve the issue. Till today there is no customer who left unsatisfied. 

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