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A Troubleshooting Guide For Alexa Setup Help

How do I set up Alexa? It tells me she isn’t connected” if you are also the one who is searching for the solution to the same, you have to go to the right place. In this Alexa Setup Help guide, we will tell you each and everything that you need to complete the Alexa Dot Setup

We know that you have just bought the new Echo device and you Need set up instructions for Alexa echo

Let us tell you that you are not the only one who is facing setup related issues. It’s very common and anyone could face the same trouble. 

Don’t get nervous and follow this amazing guide for the Alexa Setup Help guide.

Alexa Setup Help Guide Easy Steps 

Alexa Helpline

To complete the Alexa Echo Dot Setup, you don’t need to take a degree or other knowledge. We know that you are nervous due to this setup but you don’t need to. 

Just follow all the steps in the given order and you will be happy that you have done something on your own. 

Be ready with a big and cute smile like your heart… 

  1. First, make sure that you are connected with the high speed of internet connection. If not then complete this requirement first and only then you can proceed further
  2. On your smartphone or tablet, download the Alexa app from the play or app store 
  3. In the below right corner, tap on the “devices” 
  4. Unbox the Echo device and then plug into the power source 
  5. From the Alexa app, click on this “+” sign to add the device and complete the Echo Dot Setup
  6. From the upper right corner, press the three horizontal lines
  7. Click on “Add a device” 
  8. On the next screen, you will be appeared the Echo Dot icon, press the icon, and process further to know how to set up my echo show
  9. It’s good if you have connected the device with the power source, if not then do it now. When the device will be connected properly, you will see blue light turned to orange 

After That…

  1. The orange light means that your device is in the setup mode now 
  2. Soon, you will see your Echo device to appear on the screen of your smartphone 
  3. After this, you have to open the wifi settings, and connect with the network belongs to you 
  4. After doing this, come back to the Alexa app, enter the wifi password, and save it for the next time. If you will not save the password, you have to enter it again and again at the time of login
  5. Now, you can connect with the external speaker, in case you are not using any then skip this step 
  6. Now, create the room in which you want to place the Echo device or in which the echo device is located. 
  7. We hope that you have followed all the steps and Setup Echo Dot
  8. In the case, you are trying to Setup Alexa but facing trouble then call us now on given Alexa Helpline Number 

I just got a new Alexa dot, but she won’t sync my music

The Alexa users sometimes complain that “I just got a new Alexa dot, but she won’t sync my music”. If this is something that also troubles you then you need to follow the steps that have been provided below: 

One of the major issues why Alexa Won’t Sync to the music could be an unpleasant delay between the Echo device. So, let’s troubleshoot this issue 

  • Connect All Echo Device With Same Wifi Network

Majorly this issue evolves when the Echo users try to connect the Echo device with a different wifi network. Hence, we would like to suggest you connect the Alexa-enabled device with the same network connection while doing Alexa Setup. 

Above, we have already told you how you can easily do the same with this Alexa Setup Help guide

  • Don’t Connect Alexa-Enabled Devices With Bluetooth Speakers

In case you have accidentally connected any Alexa-enabled device with the Bluetooth speakers, the Alexa will fail hard to play the music. Hence, make sure that any of the devices will not be connected with Bluetooth speakers. 

  • Restart The Alexa-enabled device 

One of the best ways to fix the trouble is by restarting the Echo device. To restart the device, remove all the wires connected to it and then wait for a while. 

Athletes after 30 seconds, reconnect the cables again and this is how you can easily fix the issue of Alexa Not Working properly

  • Restart The Modem and Router

It may be possible that there is something not good with your router or modem. Hence, try to fix the issue related to the router by restarting it. Remove all the cables that are connected with the modem and the router for some time and then reconnect them all. 

Turn on the router again and then give the command to your Alexa device to play the music. Check now if the issue got resolved with the help of this Alexa Setup Help guide or not. 

  • Update the Alexa App

If you will run an outdated Alexa app you will end up troubling with many Alexa related troubles. Hence, open the play store or the app store and search there for the Alexa app. 

If you will found any update then don’t think much and download the update now

  • Reinstall the Alexa app

After you will reinstall the application, you then need to make your multi-room music bunch once more. Verify whether it works by saying, “Alexa, play (playlist) on (group name).”

  • Reset the Echo Device

Even after trying all the steps if the issue still persists then reset your Echo device. Perform a factory reset only on the devices that aren’t working with multi-room audio, as you’ll have to set up the device again, reconnect it to Wi-Fi, and add it to your Amazon account.

Why Alexa Helpline Number?

Alexa Helpline

We know that it is really very tough to fix all the Echo related troubles in such a small article. Although we have told you How to Setup Alexa via this Alexa Setup Help guide. In case we are unable to setup the Echo even after reading this guide, call us on a given helpline number. 

We have a dedicated team of technicians who is working really hard for you. They have years of experience and they can fix any Alexa related issues like how to do Amazon EchoSetup, what to do when the Alexa app is stuck on setup, or else the troubleshooting steps when you are trying to set it up using a laptop

So, don’t think much and call them now!!!

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