How To Fix Alexa Red Ring | Alexa Not Responding

Have you ever thought about what Alexa Red Ring indicates? 

Soon you will see the red ring light on the Echo device, it has stopped working. Isn’t it? 

Each light that appears on the Echo device indicated something. Hence, the Red ring light on the Echo device also has some meaning. 

If you are a new Alexa user then you may be confused what is the meaning of Red ring in Alexa. 

Apart from the red color light, you may have also seen another color light and each of them has different meanings though. 


In this article, we are just going to explain what the meaning of the Alexa Red Light Ring is and how you can fix it. 

To know more about it, you can dial the Alexa Helpline Number and our technicians will fix all kinds of Alexa Issues in a quick time. 

What Is The Meaning Of the Alexa Red Ring? 

Amazon Alexa Red Ring light means that the microphone button of the Echo device is turned off. 

It means that Alexa Not Responding no matter what you ask it to do. 

To fix the issue of the Echo Dot Not Responding, it is necessary to turn ON the microphone button given on the top of the Echo device. 

Just because of this, most of the new Alexa users used to think that Echo has stopped working. 

We hope that you have properly understood now What Does It Mean When Alexa Has A Red Ring.

Alexa Helpline

How To Fix Alexa Red Ring Of Death?

Most of the users say that it is the red ring of death. The reason why it is considered as the ring of death is that Alexa stopped Responding. 

As we have already told you, the red ring light on the Echo device appears when you will turn off the microphone button. 

Hence, press the button given at the top of the Echo device so that Alexa will be able to listen to your commands. 

It may also be possible that the Alexa Red Ring issue will fail to be resolved by pressing the button. In this case, it would be better if you would call on Alexa Helpline Number and ask our experts to help you. 

Advanced Methods To Fix Alexa Not Responding

Even after following all the steps provided above if still you Alexa Not Responding To Voice Commands then do follow the methods given below. 

1. Connect Your Echo Device To The Internet 

The very first thing that you can start to fix the issue is the internet connection. It may be possible that your Echo is connected to the wifi but your internet is not working. 

Either you would need to restart the router or contact your network service providers now. 

2. Restart Your Alexa-Enabled Device 

Restarting any device is one of the best ways to deal with any kind of Alexa issues. Hence, don’t think much and restart the Echo device now. 

If the issue is still not fixed then you may have to try any other method. 

3. Move Echo Close To The Router 

Another reason why Alexa Not Working is because of too much distance between the Echo and the router. 

Hence, you need to move your Echo device a little close to the router. 

4. Reset The Echo To Factory Defaults 

Even after following all the methods, if you have found that your Echo is not responding yet, reset the device to factory defaults. 

This will help you to save all the settings again to default. This is how all of your issues like Alexa Red Ring, Alexa Slow To Respond will be fixed easily. 

Alexa Helpline


In this guide, we have told you everything that is needed to fix the Amazon Alexa Red Ring issue. Several times, this issue got easily fixed just by turning ON the microphone button. But, other times, we have to try the advanced methods. 

This is why we have also mentioned all other methods that will troubleshoot why your Alexa Not Responding

For any additional help, do call on the given Alexa Helpline Number. We have a team of experts that can resolve any issue in a short period of time. 

So, don’t think much!

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