Alexa Not Working

Alexa Not Working -Instant Troubleshooting Amazon Alexa Echo 

Alexa is a smart virtual assistant that handles the Echo smart speakers and other smart devices too. Although there is no doubt that today Alexa is one of the best devices and alone in the competition. While using the device you may encounter some of the common issues which result in why your Alexa Not Working properly. 

In this guide, we are going to tell you how you can easily troubleshoot some common Alexa related issues.

Before that,

We first tell you how to do Alexa Setup and then we will discuss all the issues related to the Alexa device. 
You can apply all the troubleshooting steps for all types of Echo devices including Echo Dot, Echo Plus, and Echo Show. 

Causes Behind Why Alexa Not Working

Behind Alexa Not Working, there could be a number of reasons. Below we have mentioned so of the common Echo Dot causes

  • Wifi is not working properly 
  • Issues with power and internal outage 
  • The issue with Alexa setup 

So, you don’t have to worry now. 

Simply focus on the troubleshooting steps and resolve the issues. 

How To Do Alexa Setup?

To complete the Alexa Echo Dot Setup, first, you have to make sure if you are connected with a good internet connection or not. 
Alexa setup

  • Download the Alexa app on your smartphone or tablet from the play store or app store
  • From the lower right corner, select the devices 
  • In the upper right corner, click on three horizontal lines
  • From the list of options, click on “Add a device” 
  • On the next screen, you will see the Amazon Echo icon followed by the icon of Echo Dot. Press on the image of 3rd generation Echo Dot
  • Now, you have to connect the Echo Device with a power outlet. When the blue light will turn to orange, it simply means that the device is now in the Setup Alexa Dot mode
  • Wait for a while and the Echo dot will start to appear on the screen of your smartphone. Select it, and you will be forwarded to the wifi settings then. Select the network and return to the Alexa Setup App
  • From the list of networks, choose the one that belongs to you. Click on the network and enter the password. Don’t forget to save the password. It is because you don’t need to enter the password every time you use Alexa. 
  • Now, you will be asked to select the external speaker the Echo Dot will be using. If you don’t want to connect the Alexa with any external speaker then skip the step
  • You can now select the room in which you wanted to locate the Echo Dot
  • Congratulations as you have completed the Alexa Setup successfully. 

While using the Alexa device, it’s very common to face issues related to Echo Dot. Hence, move forward as we have provided you enough steps to troubleshoot all Echo related issues. 

How To Fix Alexa Not Responding To Voice Commands? 

Sometimes when you ask something from the Alexa device, it says “sorry, I am having trouble understanding you”. 
Fix Alexa Not Responding
To troubleshoot the issue of Alexa Not Responding, follow the steps that have been given below. 

With the help of below-given steps, you can easily troubleshoot the issue

1. Check if the Echo has a power source

This is one of the easiest ways to troubleshoot the issue. What usually happens is, either we forget to plug the adapter to the power source or forget to turn the button ON. 

So, plug the device properly and then say something to Alexa. It will definitely reply to you with its sweet voice. 

If that is not the case then move forward to the next step

2. Turn on the microphone button

If you are seeing a solid red light on the light ring instead of blue light, it simply means that the microphone button is off. 

Hence, turn the button ON if you want to resolve the issue of Alexa Having Trouble Understanding

The microphone button is on the top of the Echo device. 

Or, else

Try to go near the device and they say anything to Alexa. Maybe Alexa will respond to you back then. 

3. Smartphone and Echo should be on the same wifi network

If your Echo device and the smartphone are on different wifi networks then it’s obvious that you will deal with the issue of Alexa Not Working on voice commands. 

Hence, always connect the Smartphone in which you have to download the Alexa app and Echo on the same network. 

4. Place the device near to Alexa

If you have placed the Alexa device far from the router then it is obvious that Alexa not responding to voice commands

Hence, you always have to be sure that you have placed the device within the wifi range and not outside of it. 

5. Try to restart the Alexa device 

Many times, just a simple restart is enough to troubleshoot all Alexa related issues. 

Hence, try to restart the device. 

To do so, simply turn the Echo device off and take out all the plugs from the device. Wait for a while and plug in the power adapter again. 

Turn the device On and until the light turns to blue. 

Say something now…

Alexa Helpline

6. Check the wifi connection

It may also be possible that your wifi is not working properly. Hence, check the router and if you found any red light on it then try to fix it. 

To fix the router, take out all the cables and then restart the router again. 

If nothing works out, contact your internet service providers. They will resolve all the issues related to your router. 

7. Say the words clearly

Although Alexa is able to understand several languages, 


It may also be possible that Alexa understands clearly your words and that is why it is showing “Alexa slow to Respond” trouble. 

Hence, before speaking make sure that you spell the words correctly and in the right manner. 

8. Change the wake word

After trying all the above steps if Alexa is still not responding then try to change the wake word. 

After changing the wake word, say something to Alexa to check if the issue got resolved or not. 

9. Reset The Device to factory defaults

If all the above methods failed to resolve the concern then try to fix this by resetting the device to factory defaults. 

When you will reset the device to factory defaults, you have to log into the Amazon account. 

How to troubleshoot Alexa, not streaming music?

If you are trying to play any music from Spotify or other streaming devices but Alexa failed to do it. 

Alexa not streaming music

Try these below steps and resolve the issue: 

1. Check wifi

Firstly, check if your wifi is down. Contact your service providers or try to fix the issue to reset it. 

2. Place Echo within the connectivity range

It may also be possible that you have placed the Echo device outside the connectivity range. 

And this is only the reason why Alexa Not working efficiently. 


Change the position of the Echo device and place it somewhere near the router. 

3. Connect less device 

Have you connected too many devices to your wi-fi system? 

If yes, 

Then reduce the wifi congestion to troubleshoot the issue. 

4. Restart modem and router

Just by a simple restart, you can easily fix the glitches facing your modem and the router. So, restart the modem or the router by taking out all the cables connected with it, for a while and then restart the device again. 

5. Restart Echo device

If you are trying to restart the modem and the router then don’t forget to resolve the issue by restarting the Echo device. 

You just have to plug out the cables and wait for some time. Reinsert the cables and turn the device again. 

6. Connect to router’s 5hz channel

This will help to lessen the wifi disruptions on 2.4 GHz bands. After that try to stream the music again and you can thank us later for the same. 

How to troubleshoot Alexa playing music on the wrong device?

Alexa playing music on the wrong device 

There are times when you try to play the music on one device but Alexa starts playing it on another one. 

In that case, simply focus on the troubleshooting steps given below to resolve Alexa Not Working properly. 

1. Setup a smart home device group

We suggest you add all the smart home devices to a group. This will help you in the way that Alexa will respond to your requests more efficiently. 

Example: suppose you are in the kitchen, say Alexa to respond to music and the Echo in the kitchen will respond back. 

2. Set one Echo device as the default speaker

If you want then you can set one of the Echo speakers as the default one. With the help of which, whenever you ask Alexa to play music, it will start responding back. 

3. Name the Echo device accurately

If you will name your Echo device logically then it will definitely work for you. 

Example: suppose you are in the washroom, in that case, say, “Alexa play friends in the washroom” 

How to troubleshoot Alexa won’t connect to wifi?

The light on the Echo device says a lot about the Alexa. If you found that the light is orange, it means Alexa Won’t Connect to WiFi

Alexa won’t connect to wifi

In this case, 

try the below-given troubleshooting steps for Alexa not working because of wifi

1. Check your internet connection

The main reason behind the issue could be the internet connection. Hence, before doing anything else, check if your wifi is working fine or not. 

2. Restart Echo Device

Try to restart the Echo device to resolve the Alexa Not Working issue. 

To do so, take out the plug from the device and wait for a while. Reinsert again the power cables and turn the device. 

Jump to the next method if the issue is still troubling you

3. Restart the router and modem

Try to fix the issue by restarting your modem and the router. Don’t worry, it is very easy to do that. 


Take out the plug from the router and the modem. Check if all the wires are working fine or not. 

Connect the wires again and then check if the issue got resolved or not

4. Check the password of the wifi

It may also be possible that you have entered the wrong wifi password which is causing the issue. 

Double-check the password of the wifi and connect the device again. 

5. Placed the Echo device within wifi range

One of the major reasons behind Alexa won’t connect to wifi, could be that you have placed the device far from the router. 

Hence, to resolve the issue you have to change the position of the device and have to place it near to the router. 

6. Reduce the load on wifi

There are chances that you have connected a number of devices with the same router. 

Hence, you have to lower the burden from your router to resolve the issue. 

7. Reset Echo device to factory settings

If you have tried all the steps and are still troubling with the issue then try to resolve the concern by resetting it to the factory settings. 

How to fix Alexa calling not working?

How to fix Alexa

There are times when Alexa devices stop calling. In this condition, you just have to follow the below troubling steps

1. Check the contact information

If Alexa failed to make a call then check your contact information first. Also, be sure that you are calling a contact who is able to receive the call via Alexa 

2. Check your internet connection

If the device is not properly connected with the internet, you can’t place the call via Alexa. 

Hence, first, make sure that you are connected with a good speed internet connection

3. Restart Alexa app

An issue with the Alexa app could be the main reason behind Alexa not working properly. Hence, try to sort it via relaunching the app again. 

4. Update Alexa app

It is really very necessary to update the app with its latest version. In case you haven’t updated the app for a long time then go to the play store or app store now. 

Update the app and then check if Alexa not working issue got solved or not. 

5. Spell the name correctly 

There are chances that you have spelled the name of the contact incorrectly. 

Check the history of the Alexa device, there are the chances that Alexa heard something wrong. 

Example: Alexa heard, “play depression ceto” instead of “play despacito” 

How to fix the trouble of Alexa not discovering devices? 

Alexa not discovering devices

If you are unable to find any device then follow the steps that have been given below: 

1. Your device should be compatible with Alexa

There are chances that the device you want Alexa to connect with is not compatible with it. 

Hence, only connect Alexa-enabled devices. 

2. Restart the Alexa app

Through the setting menu, try to restart the Alexa app and launch it again. Many times, just a simple restart can solve the issue easily.

3. Your Echo and smartphone should be connected to the same network

If you really want to troubleshoot the issue of Alexa Not Working then be sure that Echo and smartphone are on the same network. 

If not, then connect to the same wifi and try to find the device again. 

4. Restart the Echo device

Soon after you will restart the Alexa app, don’t forget to restart the Echo device. This will definitely help to resolve the issue. 

5. Complete the setup online

Simply go to the official page of Alexa and then complete the Alexa Setup there. Now check if Alexa is able to recognize the smart home device now

6. Update router’s settings

Update the setting of the router and then check if the Alexa is able to find the device or not. 

How to fix Alexa Bluetooth trouble?

How to fix Alexa Bluetooth

If Alexa is having trouble while connecting it to Bluetooth then try the steps that have been given below. All the methods that have been given below are enough to troubleshoot why your Alexa not Working

1. Check Alexa and Bluetooth devices are connected properly

It may be possible that you have not connected the Alexa device with the Bluetooth properly. 

This is why you are facing the Alexa Bluetooth trouble. 

2. Update the Software 

Although the Echo device will receive the update automatically, it may be possible that you are running an outdated version. 

Hence, check for the update and download it to your computer system. 

3. Make sure you are using Alexa supported device

You have to check if the Alexa supports the Bluetooth device that you are currently using. Currently, Alexa supports Advanced Audio Distribution Profile and Audio/Video Remote Control Profile.

4. Pair again your Bluetooth device

You can also try to resolve the issue via pair and unpair it. 

Yes, many times this simple trick is enough to troubleshoot the concern. Apart from this, it may be possible that the Bluetooth device is not fully charged. 

How to resolve Alexa not operating a specific skill?

Alexa not working

If you have found Alexa Not Working because it is not able to perform a certain skill. Try these troubleshooting methods: 

1. Check the internet

If your wifi is not connected properly then this issue could be generated. Hence, check if the wifi is working properly or not. 

Contact your internet service providers if you find anything wrong. 

2. Don’t forget to enable the skill

There are the chances that you or any other user have disabled the skill accidentally and that is why Alexa not working properly.  

If nothing works out then re-enabled the skill and check if the issue got resolved or not. 

3. Call the skill by its right name

The very important thing that you should have remembered is, you have to name it correctly. 

Example: You can’t say “that word game” instead of Jeopardy skill. 

4. Reset the Echo device

When all else fails then try to reset the device to its original setting. This will surely work out for any kind of Echo related trouble.

How to fix Amazon Echo Registration Failure Error?

Amazon Echo Registration Failure

The common reasons behind the Alexa Device Error 10:2:12:3:1 could be the following

  • The duplicate serial number on the device
  • Stolen device
  • Hardware has defected 

To troubleshoot the issue of Amazon Echo registration failure error, try the steps given below

1. Update the software

First, you have to be sure that you have updated the Alexa device to its latest version. If not then go to the official website now. 

Many times, issues related to Alexa generated just because of an outdated software version. 

2. An echo should not be surrounded by other devices

If you are trying to register the Echo many times but still Alexa not working properly then make sure that the device is not surrounded by other electronic gadgets. 

3. Check login credentials 

There are chances that you have entered the wrong login credentials and hence are facing this issue. 

Check again the credential and don’t forget to turn On the caps lock if you have used it before. 

4. Check your internet connection

Are you sure that your wifi is working exactly? 

Yes, if you are running bad wifi then it’s obvious that your Echo will not be registered. So, check the router. 

5. Restart echo device

You can also try to troubleshoot Echo Registration Failure Error just by a simple restart. To do so, simply plug out all the wires and wait for a while. 

Insert the cables again and start the device. 

How To Fix Amazon Echo 73001 Error?

Amazon Echo 73001 Error

Possible reasons behind Amazon Echo 73001 Error could be the following: 

  • Incorrect configurations of the router
  • Faulty echo device
  • The router is not compatible with Amazon Echo 

If you are facing the issue of Amazon Echo Error 73001 then try to follow the steps that have been given below: 

1. Restart the router

The very first and the basic thing that you can try to resolve Alexa not working issue is to restart your router. This will definitely help you. 

To do so, simply take out all the plugs from the router and wait for a while. Connect all the cables again and start it. 

2. Reset Echo device

If the above won’t work out for you then fix Amazon Echo Error 73001 by resetting the Echo device. 

Take a thin pin and insert it into the hole given on the Echo device. This will reset all the settings of the Echo and troubleshoot the issue. 

3. Restart the device

After resetting the echo device, start the device again to check if the issue got resolved or not. 

How to connect SiriusXM to Alexa?

SiriusXM to Alexa

To connect SiriusXM to Alexa device, follow the steps that have been given below

  1. Open the Alexa app on your smartphone and click on “skills” from the menu option
  2. Now, you have to open the “music and audio” category. 
  3. Search there for the SiriusXM and make it enable 
  4. Let us tell you that usernames are case sensitive so be a little careful while entering it
  5. Before and after the username there should not any space 

And this is how you can easily connect SiriusXM to Alexa

How to Fix Alexa Echo Error 6:1:103:10:3?

Alexa Echo Error 6:1:103:10:3

The Alexa Echo error 6:1:103:10:3 means that something is interrupting the connection of the Echo device. 

Follow the steps given below to troubleshoot Alexa Error 61103103

Check your wifi

The first thing that has to do is to check the wifi connection. Make sure that all the cables are inserted properly to the router. 

If you see any red light on the router then contact your network service provider now. 

Place the Echo device near the router

It may also be possible that you have placed the device far from the router. Hence, this is why you are dealing with the connectivity issue. 

So, always place the Echo device within the connectivity range. 

Update Alexa app

There are chances that you haven’t updated the Alexa app for a long time. Hence, an outdated app is the main reason behind Alexa Error 61103103

So, open the play store or app store and update the app now. 

Restart the Echo device

Try to resolve the issue by restarting the Alexa device. To do so, simply detach all the cables and after a while insert them again. 

Turn the device On again. 

How to Connect Bose Speaker to Alexa?

Connect Alexa to Bose Speaker

To connect bose speakers to Alexa, you can try easy steps that we have provided below: 

1. Download Alexa app

It’s good if you have already downloaded the Alexa app. If not then go to the play store or the app store. 

Download the app and register yourself to the amazon account. 

2. Open the app

After downloading the app successfully, open the app, and click on three horizontal lines. From the list of options, click on “skills and games”. 

3. Click on the search bar

After clicking on the search bar, you will see the option of the search bar, type “bose” there. Now, you have to choose Bose and make it enable. 

4. Open the app

Open the Alexa app and from the settings select on “Add a device”. Now, you have to choose the type of device you wish to select. 

Select the brand of the speaker now. 

5. Open Bluetooth 

From your smartphone, you now have to open the Bluetooth. Click on “pair a new device” after that connect the Echo with the Bose and now you can use the Bose speakers. 

This is how you can easily Connect Bose Soundbar to Amazon Alexa

How to make a video call on echo show?

You can make a video call on echo show via two ways i.e by voice and by using the display of the Echo Show. 

Let’s begin, 

How to make a video call on echo show via a display?

  • First, you have to turn the Echo show on
  • Turn the screen of the device from right towards the left
  • Click on the option of “communicate” 
  • Now, you will be shown the option of “show contacts”, click on that. 
  • Choose the contact you want to make a call. 
  • Under the Alexa devices on the information page of contact, click on the icon of calling. 
  • Now, you will be connected with your friend if he/she is online. 
  • Enjoy

make a video call on echo show

How to make a video call on echo show via voice?

Before proceeding further, make sure that you are connected with a good internet connection. 

  • Say, “Alexa, call(name of the contact). Alexa will then confirm the name of the contact before calling. 
  • If Alexa is unable to place the call the check if you have enabled the icon of calling. 
  • In addition to that, check if you have entered the right contact details or not. 
  • To end the call you just have to say, “Alexa, end the call”. 

This is how to video chat with an echo show

How to connect security camera to Alexa?

To know how to connect security camera to Alexa, follow all the steps that have been given below

1. Download Alexa

We hope that you have already downloaded the Alexa app to your smartphone. If not then download the app now to proceed further. 

Apart from that make sure that you are installing the security camera that is compatible with the Alexa. 

2. Create an account

Now, you have to create an amazon account if you don’t have any. In case you have already registered to Amazon then enter the login credentials. 

3. Enable Alexa skill

Open the Alexa app and from the menu option, click on “skills and games”. In the search box, type “ring”. Open that skill and make it enable. 

Now, you will have to pair the account ring account with the Alexa app. So, enter the credential carefully. 

You are almost ready… 

4. Discover new Alexa devices

After you have successfully enabled the Ring skill, click on “discover devices” on the screen that will pop up. 

Then ask Alexa to find a new device. 

5. Alexa commands for security cameras 

Now, you are totally ready to use your security camera. If you have multiple devices then make sure that you have named them differently. 


Alexa, show the front door: you can use this command to check the live feed on the Echo Show. 

In a nutshell…

In this brief guide, we have told you all the methods and troubleshooting steps for Alexa Not Working

Alexa Helpline

Although all the steps that have been provided are enough to resolve the issue. In case, you are dealing with any issue then dial given Alexa Helpline Number

We have a team of dedicated technicians who have years of experience. They can troubleshoot any issue related to Alexa devices in seconds.

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