Alexa Not Responding To Voice Commands

Why Is Alexa Not Responding To Voice Commands?

From the time Amazon launched Echo devices, people have gone crazy before the voice assistant Alexa. You can ask Alexa to set important reminders, alarms, make a call, or connect it with your smart home gadgets. Everything is just perfect with the device but, sometimes it starts showing some common errors like Alexa Not Responding To Voice Commands

If you are also the one who is struggling with the issue of Alexa Slow To Respond then read this guide to troubleshoot the concern. We have researched and found some of the best ways to resolve the issue. 

For an immediate solution, dial Alexa Helpline Number now. The team of technicians will provide you with 100% satisfaction. 

Basic Solutions To Troubleshoot Alexa Not Responding 

 We start to resolve the issue of “Alexa Having Trouble Understanding” from a basic solution. As it’s not necessary that you will go for advanced methods to troubleshoot issues. 

  • 1 Check The Microphone Button

If Alexa is not listening to you then it would be better if you first check the microphone button of the Amazon Echo device. It happens many times that people forget to turn the button ON. You will find the button located at the top of the device with the symbol MIC. 

  • 2 Restart Echo Device

You can also try to resolve the issue by restarting the device if the above steps won’t work for you. You just have to disconnect the device from the power source, wait for a while, and then reconnect the device again. 

  • 3 Disable/Enable Alexa Privacy

If all the above steps won’t work out for you then try to enable Alexa privacy. This will help to resolve the issue of Alexa Not Responding To Voice Commands

  • 4 Hard Reset Echo Device

This is one of the important and easy steps to resolve the current issue. You just have to rest the echo device. To do so, press the reset button and you will see that blue light will change its color to orange. Turn the device off then and restart it after some time. 

Alexa Helpline

Advanced Solutions To Troubleshoot Alexa Not Responding 

If somehow the basic solution failed to remove the error then try the advanced one. 

  • 1 Check The Light Ring

The light ring of the Alexa indicated many things related to the device. In case, you see a red light spinning on the device that simply means that Alexa having trouble understanding you or you forget to turn the microphone button ON. 

  • 2 Find An Ideal Position For The Device

It is also very necessary to place the device in an ideal position. Make sure that other things do not interfere with your Echo device like TV, Radio, Microwave, etc. if you didn’t put the Alexa device in a private place then be ready to face the issue of Alexa Not Responding To Voice Commands

  • 3 Try To Use Voice Training Tool

Although it does not happen usually that Alexa won’t understand you because of your accent but if that’s the case then you can take the help of a voice assistant tool. Go to the “settings” and click there on “voice training”. 

When you launch this tool, it will ask you to repeat 25 phrases so as to know your accent in a better way. You just have to say whatever the device asked you to say. 

  • 4 Move Your Echo Device

Have you placed your echo device far from the router? If your answer is yes, then my friend you have to change the position of your device. Put the device a little closer to your router. Also, your device should be placed so accurately that it can hear you from anywhere in the room.

Alexa Helpline

Alexa Helpline Support Number!!!

While using Alexa you may encounter a number of errors and Alexa not responding to voice commands is one of them. If you have tried all the above steps and are still dealing with the same issue then pick your phone and dial Alexa Toll-Free Numbers now. 


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