Alexa Not Connecting To Internet

7 Quick Ways To Troubleshoot When Alexa Not Connecting To Internet

It can’t say clearly why your Alexa Not Connecting To Internet. Sometimes, the wifi stops working, or the other times some physical barriers block the network. No matter what is the main cause behind this problem but we will let you provide all the methods to fix the trouble. 

Alexa is a smart voice assistant that works perfectly with voice commands. Although, there are minor chances that you will face any kind of issue with your Alexa. If you are facing any then do follow the methods provided below. 

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7 Easy Ways To Fix When Alexa Not Connecting To Internet 

We are going to let you know 7 easy and quick ways via you can easily fix when Alexa Won’t Connect To Wifi

1. Check Your Internet Connection 

First, you need to make sure whether your internet connection is working or not. Till the time you will not connect your Echo device to the internet, Alexa will not respond to your commands. So, be sure about your wifi connection. 

To fix your wifi-related issue you can contact your network service providers. Or else, follow the next methods. 

2. Restart Your Wifi Router

To fix your wifi, you need to restart it. To do so, turn off the router and then remove all the cables connected to it. After doing that, wait for a while and then reconnect the cables again. Turn off the router again and check if your Alexa starts working again or not. 

3. Restart Your Alexa-Enabled Device

If you have found that your router is working perfectly then may the issue persist with your Echo device. So, restart your Alexa-enabled device. To restart the Echo device, turn it off and then remove the power plug from the power outlet. 

Now, you have to wait for some time and then turn on the Alexa again. Check if still, your Alexa Not Connecting To the Internet or the issue has been fixed now. 

4. Check The Password Of Your Wifi 

You have to confirm whether the password of the Echo device is correct or not. To confirm the password, connect it with another device. If you have found that another device has not connected with the wifi, it means you have entered the wrong password. 

Hence, check the password again and then change it from the Alexa app. 

5. Move Your Echo Device Close To the Router 

It may be possible that both the devices i.e the Echo and the router are working perfectly. But, distance is the main issue why your Alexa Having Trouble Connecting To Internet. Hence, move your Alexa-enabled device a little closer to the router. 

6. Remove Other Devices From The Wifi 

Make sure that you haven’t connected too many devices with a single wifi. Too much traffic over a single network could be the main reason why Alexa Not Working. Hence remove all other devices from your wifi and then command your Alexa again. 

7. Reset The Echo Device To factory Defaults 

When you will try all the steps and still the Alexa Not Connecting To Internet then reset the device to factory defaults. This will resolve all the issues that are disturbing you now. 

How To Connect Alexa To Wifi?

It may be possible that you are looking for the methods needed to connect Alexa To Wi-Fi. Below, we have provided some steps that are needed to connect the Echo to Wi-Fi. Here are the steps: 

  1. First, you need to download the Alexa app to your smartphone to complete Setup Alexa
  2. You can easily download the app from your play store or app store. 
  3. Open the app and log into the account with Amazon credentials. 
  4. Click on “get started”. 
  5. For the list that has been provided there, select the name associated with your or click on “choose someone else”. 
  6. Now, you will be asked to give the permissions to get access to your contacts and notifications. 
  7. You will now see three horizontal lines that are located in the upper corner. Drop down the menu and choose the “settings option”. 
  8. Choose the option of “tap new device”. 
  9. From the list, choose the Alexa-enabled device that you have. 
  10. Soon after you will choose your model, plug your device into the power outlet. Soon after you will connect the device to the power outlet, press and hold the action button now 
  11. The Amazon Alexa device will ask you to connect to the wireless settings of the smartphone. To do so, you just need to follow all the on-screen instructions. When your smartphone will be connected to the network successfully, you will hear a confirmation message. 
  12. Click on “continue” and proceed further to connect Alexa To Wi-Fi. 
  13. You will now see a list of networks available on your screen, select the network that belongs to you. 
  14. Wait for a while and your Alexa will be back online again. 
Alexa Helpline
In A Nutshell…

It can be said that a malfunctioning wifi router could be the main reason why your Alexa Not Connecting To Internet. Although, all the troubleshooting methods have been given to you. In case you are still facing any kind of trouble then do call our experts. 

They will let you know how to fix the wifi-related issue and provide you all the troubleshooting methods. So, don’t waste your time and call them now.

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