Alexa Is Not Responding

My Alexa Is Not Responding: What Should I Do?

You may hear a lot of sweet voices and we are sure that Alexa’s voice is one of them if you have heard it already. Alexa is a voice assistant of Amazon Echo devices that fulfill all of our commands. You can ask anything from Alexa, it will respond to you in a minimum possible time. Bue, sometimes people complain that their Alexa Is Not Responding properly. 

In this guide, we will talk about how you can troubleshoot the issue related to Alexa and smart home gadgets. 

Alexa Says “I’m Having Trouble Connecting to the Internet.”  What Should I Do? 

Similar to any other device, Alexa devices also face one or other kind of issue with the internet. Possible reasons behind why Alexa Won’t connect to wifi could be malfunctioning wifi, outdated Alexa app, electronic devices interference, or you have placed the Echo device too far from the router. 

Try to fix why Alexa is Not responding by applying the points provided below: 

Check Wifi

First, you have to check your wifi connection. It may be possible that your router is down and stopped working. 

You can check the router by connecting any other device. In addition to that, check if you see any red light on the router, if yes then you need to call your internet service provider. 

Electronic device interference 

If you have found that your wifi router is working fine and still Alexa Can’t Connect to Internet then the electronic device like T.V, radio, the microwave may interwar into the network connection. 

Place The Echo Near The Router

If all else fails to tackle the issue then try to fix it via putting the Alexa-enabled device near the router. If you will not put the router within the connectivity range then you will end up troubling with connectivity issues. 

Restart the router/Echo

A quick restarting sometimes works a lot. Hence, you just need to restart the router and the Echo device. 

We hope that this method will definitely resolve the issue of Alexa Not Responding/Echo Dot Not Responding.

Even after restarting the device, the Alexa Does Not Respond you back then change the wifi settings: 

  • Open the Alexa app and then go to the menu
  • Form the Menu, open wifi settings 
  • Choose your device and then select on “update wifi” 
  • On your Alexa-enabled device, press the action button until you will not see an orange light 
  • You will then be connected with the Echo device and soon you will see a list of available wifi networks 
  • From the list, choose the network that belongs to you and enter the password 
  • Click on “rescan” if you will note the name of the wifi network that belongs to you 
  • Click on “connect”, once you will get connected to the internet, you will be notified

We are sure that these given steps will make your Echo device working again. After this, you will ask, “Alexa, are you connected to the internet”, it will be replied that “yes, I am connected” 

Alexa Helpline

Why Is My Alexa Says “Your Hue Lights are Not Responding.” What Should I Do? 

Sometimes when you ask Alexa to turn on the smart light, it says, “Your Hue lights are not responding”. But, when you start the Hue lights manually, it will be turned On. 

Even after that, if you will give Alexa common to turn the lights off, it may say again that “Hue lights are not responding”.

In this case, try to turn the light on/off again and again for several times, or else open the Alexa app. If still Alexa Is Not Responding then update the Alexa app from the play or app store. 

Also, try to say “Alexa, discover my devices’ ‘, this will connect your Alexa back to the smart home Hue light. 

Check Microphone

There are times when we forget to turn the microphone button ON and keep searching on the web for its troubleshooting steps. 

So, make sure that you have turned the microphone button ON. 

Restart Echo Device

If you think that the issue is persisting because of the Echo device then restart your Alexa-enabled device now. 

To do so, you just need to turn the Echo off and take out the plug that has been connected with the power outlet. 

Wait for a while and then connect the cables again. Check now, if still your Alexa is not responding or the issue got resolved. 

Disable/Enable the skill

Another smart way to deal with the issue is to make the Hue skill disable first and then make it enable again. 

To do so, you first have to go to the “settings” and then tap on “skills”. Search for your Hue lights and then disable the skill. Turn off the app and then turn it On again. Open the skills for Hue lights again and make it enabled. 

We hope that this method will definitely help you to solve the trouble. 

Check Another Hue Light

If you have another Hue light at your home then try to turn On the light via the Alexa app. If your light will be turned On then it is clear that the bulb of another hue light has been fused. 

Update The Alexa App

After trying all the steps, open the smartphone, and then click on the play store or app store. Search for the available update of the Alexa app and if found any then install the update instantly. 

Alexa Says My Smart Outlet is Not Responding. What Should I Do?

While using smart outlets, you may find that some of them are very tough to use. After a certain interval of time, they start creating the mess. 

In case, you are the one who has purchased a local smart outlet and now you are troubling with the connectivity issue then it’s because of what you have paid for. You may think to save a little amount of money but who knows that it may affect your Alexa Enabled device.

Even after trying several times, if you have found that your no-name smart outlet is keeping dropping the wifi signal, change it now with a good one. 

Moving forward to the quality of smart outlets, sometimes they also start to show some troubles. In these cases, you can try to solve the connectivity issue by putting the device a little closer to the router. 

Or else, we would like to suggest you to not move the plug to any other place. 

It happened with me many times that I asked Alexa to turn off the demo but I end up with Alexa Is Not Responding. After that, I tried to turn it off manually and it worked for me. 

Many times, the issue generated because of other reasons and we end up saying that Alexa Device is Unresponsive. So, check briefly first without questioning the quality of the device. 

To resolve the connectivity issue related to Echo devices you can try to press the button on the smart outlet. We would like to suggest you press the button a few times once in a month. If that will also not solve the issue for you then try to resolve Alexa Not Working by rebooting the router/modem. 

Still Troubling? Try Below Given Methods

Even after trying all the steps that we have provided you above, the smart outlet is not working then opens its associate app. With the help of the app, try to control the device. In case, the app also failed to connect to the Alexa-enabled device then reinstall the smart outlet. 

Don’t add the smart outlet to the Alexa app, add it via its own app. Hence, while doing this, make sure that you have turned off the Alexa app. 

Before running discover on the Alexa, don’t forget to enable the remote access. Also, use the same name and other credentials as you have used before while making the account. 

Once you restore the wemo app, don’t forget to re-run the discovery with the Alexa app. With the help of this, you would not need to create the group again. Everything would be the same. 

After trying each and everything, if you have found that your device still is not responding then disable the skill and then make it enable again. 

Smart Guidelines For Troubleshooting Alexa-Connected Smart Devices

In this world, there is no one who didn’t face any issues with their Echo device and end up saying that Alexa is Not Responding. In the present moment, Alexa could respond to you in seconds, and in the very next one, Alexa App says Device is Unresponsive.

So, you can try the methods that we are going to provide you below. All the methods are capable enough to tackle the issues. 

The very first thing that is the main cause behind Alexa Is Not Responding is the connectivity issue. Many of the Echo related issues generated just because of lo wifi. You know that without a proper internet, Alexa will not work effectively. 

So, whenever you will find that your Alexa Does Not Respond accurately, first check your network connection. Try to restart the modem/router and wait for a while, restart the device again to check if the issue got resolved. 

To check if the issue still persists, ask Alexa, “Am I connected to the internet”, if Alexa replied negatively, it simply means that you are not connected to the internet. 

Either move the Alexa-enabled device close to the router or vice versa. 

If you have found that your device is connected well with the internet and you are still facing the trouble. Reinstall the Alexa app again from the play store. In addition to that, try to fix the trouble by restarting your smart device and reading the skill to the Alexa app. 

Alexa Says a Device is Not Responding, but She Controls it Just Fine?

We don’t know if you have experienced that or not but many times when you say anything to Alexa, it fully fills the demands but says the device is not responding. 

For example, if you will say, “Alexa, turn on the kitchen lights”. This will turn the lights on but end up saying that the device is not responding. 

So, you don’t need to trust the Alexa device always when it will say that the device is not responding. 

On the other hand, it may also be possible that you would ask Alexa to perform a task and she agreed but nothing happens. 

If these kinds of issues are bothering you then first give the commands one or two times. If the issue still persists then reboot the device. 

Alexa Is Not Responding Sometimes Because of Smart Device And Sometimes of Its Own

We all are much familiar with the fact that Alexa is only run on a proper internet connection. Many times, what we do is, we connect too many devices with the single wifi network. Hence, we end up troubling with Alexa Can’t Connect to Internet.

So, from the next time when you will be troubled with any connectivity issue then try rebooting the device. In addition to that, try to minimize the distance between the router and the Alexa-enabled device. 

In addition to that, you can also try to fix the issue by upgrading the router and updating the Alexa app. 

Hence, don’t connect too many devices with single wifi if you want to face any network-related trouble. 

What Else…

Above, we have told you with each and everything that is necessary to solve why your Alexa Not Responding to Voice Commands. There could be a number of reasons why your device is not responding to you back. Sometimes, it’s the microphone while other times it may be the internet connection or the placement of the device.  

Alexa Helpline

While placing the Alexa-enabled device, you have to be a little careful. Don’t ever put your Echo device outside the connectivity range. If you will do so, Alexa Does Not Respond to you back. Apart from this, we sometimes connect too many devices with a single wifi network that messes the network connection, and sometimes Alexa Slow to Respond issue occurs. 

No matter what kind of Amazon Alexa issue you are dealing with, you first need to restart the device, and if that will not work then update the Alexa app or just dial Alexa Helpline Number available 24/7 to take calls.

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