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How To Complete Alexa Echo Setup or Echo Dot Setup?

We know that you are very happy because you have Echo devices now in your place. Aren’t you excited to hear something from Alexa but wait, you have to complete the Alexa Echo Setup first. 

In this guide, we are going to tell you how to Setup Alexa Dot. You just have to follow this guide carefully and at the end of this article, you will complete the setup successfully. 

In case you need any kind of help then dial the given helpline number. We have a team of dedicated technicians who will fix any issue quickly. So, call them anytime you want. 

Methods To Complete Alexa Echo Setup

Here is the complete guide with the help of which you can complete the Alexa Setup. 

  • 1. Download The Alexa App

If you want to complete the Alexa Echo Setup, it is very necessary to download the Alexa App first. You can download the Alexa app on any smartphone i.e ios or android. Make sure that you are having an android device 6.0 or higher or an ios device 11.0 or higher. 

You can also download the app on your computer device. Before that, make sure that you have connected to a good speed internet connection. 

To download the Alexa app on your PC, go to the official website of Amazon. 

  • 2. Connect Echo Device To Wifi Network

After downloading the Alexa app, you need to connect the Echo device to the wifi network. Without a proper internet connection, it is impossible to complete the Alexa Echo Setup. In the upgraded versions of the Echo device, you will be guided completely on how to connect Alexa to wifi

If you don’t know How To Setup Alexa Echo then dial Alexa Helpline Number. Our team of experts will tell you how to complete the setup quickly. 

Just open the Alexa app and look there for the available networks. Choose the network that belongs to you and then enter the password. In case, you need to connect to more than one device, click on “devices”. 

The option could be easily found below the “Echo and Alexa” tab. Once you will be connected to the available network, don’t forget to save it for the next time. 

  • 3. Talk To Your Alexa Device

If you want to use your Alexa device, say the wake word of the Echo device. The default wake word of the Echo device is “Alexa”. You will also have the option to change the wake word of the Echo device. 

Turn on the device and then say its wake word i.e. “Alexa, change the wake word”. If you want to change the wake word manually, click on “help and feedback” and go to “change the wake word”. 

  • 4. Start Using Your Echo Device

Congratulations! You have completed the Alexa Echo Setup completely and now you can use your Echo device. You can perform a variety of functions through Alexa, like controlling all the smart home devices, setting reminders, setting alarms, and much more. 

This is how you can complete the Alexa Echo Dot Setup quickly. For any issue related to the Echo device, you can dial the given helpline number. 

How To Connect Amazon Echo to WiFi?

As we have told you that it is very necessary to connect the Echo device to the wifi to complete the Setup Alexa Dot

Here are all the steps that are required to complete this process. 

  1. Install the Alexa to your smartphone or PC. 
  2. Open the app and sign in to the app by entering the Amazon credentials. 
  3. Click on the “start button”. 
  4. Choose the name that is associated with the Amazon account or choose “I’m someone else”. 
  5. You will now be asked to give Amazon permission to get access to your contacts and notifications. If you want then tap on Later. 
  6. When you open the app, you will see three horizontal lines in the upper left corner. From all the options provided there, select the option of “settings”. 
  7. Click on the “Add new device” button. 
  8. Choose the type of device you are using now. 
  9. Now, connect the Amazon Echo device to the power outlet to complete the Alexa Echo Setup. When you set up the Echo device, the top light ring on the Echo device will turn to orange. 
  10. Tap on “continue”. 
  11. The Alexa app will now ask you to connect to the wireless setting of your smartphone. So, follow all the instructions provided on the screen. 
  12. When your phone will be connected successfully, you will hear a confirmation message. 
  13. Tap on “continue”. 
  14. You will now see a list of networks available on your screen. Choose the network that you want to get paired with Alexa. 
  15. You will see on the screen the message that preparing your device with a progressive bar. 
  16. Once the wifi connection will be established successfully, you will get the confirmation message. 

Alexa Helpline

Two More Words…

In this guide, we have told you all the steps that will help you to complete the Setup Alexa Echo. Even after trying all the methods if you are still facing any problem then you can take help from our experts. 

So, don’t be so worried, we are here for you all the time.

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