Alexa Echo Dot Setup

Alexa Echo Dot Setup Methods

Don’t you know how to do Alexa Echo Dot Setup?

Before moving forward with the topic we like to say that you have chosen one of the best devices for you. 

Although you may also find other devices with their voice assistant, Alexa is Alexa and we know that. 

Not just one or two but there are a number of reasons why people have gone crazy behind Echo devices. 

Want to listen to the music of your taste? Ask Alexa; want to turn On the smart light before entering the house, ask Alexa; Not only that, from setting an alarm to setting alarms, Alexa will do everything for you. 

In this guide, we will tell you each and everything related to Alexa Setup. So, stop replying to the messages and focus here.

How To Do Alexa Echo Dot Setup?

To Setup Alexa device, you just need to fulfill the points that have been given below. So, do it fast and then be ready to listen to the sweet voice of your Echo device.

  • Download the Alexa App 
  • Plugin the Echo device 
  • Connect Echo device to wifi 
  • Start using your Echo device 

download alexa app

Download Alexa App

The first thing that you have to do to complete the Alexa Echo Dot Setup is to download the Alexa app to your smartphone. 

To do the same, connect your phone with a good internet connection and open the play store or app store. 

Search for the Alexa app 

and click on “download”. 

Let the app be installed on the device. 

After then, open the app and log into it with your Amazon credentials. You can also take help from our technicians if you find something difficult. 

Plugin The Echo Device

This is one of the easiest steps. You just have to connect the device with the power source. 

So, open the box of the Echo device, unpack it carefully. 

With your smiling face, take out the adapter of the Echo device and connect it with the device and power source. 

Turn on the Switch and you will see the blue light which means that it is now connected with a power source. 

After then the light will turn to orange which means that Alexa is all set to greet you. Soon after that, you will hear the voice of Alexa that it is all ready to complete  Alexa Dot Setup

Connect Echo Device with Wifi

Connect Echo Device with Wifi

Now. one of the most important steps is to connect the Echo device with wifi. If you will not do so then forget to use your Echo device. 

With a wifi connection, the Amazon Echo is like a box and nothing more than that. Hence, make sure that you are having a good internet connection.

One more important point that we would like to tell you is, don’t forget to connect the Echo and your smartphone to the same network. 

You can easily connect Alexa devices to wifi through the Alexa app. Open the app and click on “add network”. 

Search for your wifi network and click “add”. 

You will then be asked to enter the login credentials, enter the password, and don’t forget to save. 

The reason why we are saying to save the password is, for the next time you will not have to enter the password again and again. 

You can also connect the Echo device with any public network but in that case, the password will not be permanently saved. 

Talk To your Alexa

This is the last step to do Alexa Echo Dot Setup. You just have to say the wake word of your Echo device which is “Alexa” by default. 

If you have any other device with the same name then you also have the option to change it. 

To change the wake word say, “Alexa, change the wake word”

Connect Echo Device with Wifi

Start Using Echo Device 

Congratulations!  You are all ready to use the Echo device. You can now play any song, set any reminder. 

To wake up the Alexa, say its wake word. Suppose, the wake word of the device is “Hello”, then say “hello”, play some romantic songs. 

We can say one thing for sure that you will love to use your Echo device. 

Last Words…

Above, we have told you each and everything that is necessary to do Alexa Echo Dot Setup

In case, you have stuck anywhere then dial the toll-free Alexa Helpline Number. The team of technicians that we have will always be there for Alexa Setup Help

Hence, don’t get panic and stop troubling for Setup Alexa Echo

They are experienced enough to deal with anything as they are working for years in this field. So, dial the Phone Number for Alexa Customer Service now and let the experts deal with the concern.

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