How To Resolve Alexa Down Issue | Alexa Not Responding 

Are you facing the Alexa Down issue? Even after trying several times, if you have noticed that your Alexa Not Responding, check whether it’s you or your device. 

Not all the time it’s the device’s fault. 

Hence, whenever you come to know that Alexa Stopped Working, check the root of the problem. 

Verify, whether it’s from your end or there is something wrong with Echo. 

Many times, the Amazon servers go down, and results in Alexa goes down. No matter what, but we are also standing with you. 

We have a few methods via which you can make your Echo device start working again. 

“Ask If Your Alexa Down Really?”

Before taking much stress, the first thing that you should do is, ask Alexa herself. 

You must be aware of the fact that Echo has the skills to verify the network status herself. Hence, she will let you know about the Amazon Echo outage or any other network issues. 

  • In case Echo says that everything is working properly, ask her about something else. 
  • If you have again asked Alexa and she replied that everything seems alright but you know that there is an Alexa down the problem, you may need to reboot your device. 
  • The glowing orange ring on the Echo device means that you also need to reboot the device or the router. 
  • If you have given any command to the Echo device but Echo Dot Not Responding anything, check the microphone button. Several times, we forget to turn it on and think that Echo goes down. A solid ring light on the device represents that the microphone is turned off. 

Information: When you will reboot your router, your internet connectivity gets lost for some time. Hence, don’t get bothered about the same. 

Verify Online Or Check Down Detectors 

If the issue still has not been resolved, you may need to check whether the issue persists with your own device or the rest of the users also asking Why Is Alexa Not Working Problem?

Let us tell you that in case the servers of Amazon go down, you aren’t able to use the Alexa device. 

When you issue a command, it first sends the invoice to Amazon and asks it what to do. 


Wait until the issue will not get fixed from Amazon’s end. 

  • One of the best ways to check whether Alexa Down or not is Twitter. When a big brand device like Echo faces some issues, it goes viral on Twitter. 
  • You can also check on the search engine what goes wrong with Alexa. There, you will get all the updates if anything goes wrong. 
  • Open the app and tap on the blue circle. You must know that one can easily control the Alexa via App. If you find that Echo starts responding when you give the command through the app, the problem may persist with your Echo Dot speaker. 

Is Echo Device Not Working Just For You?

Even after searching on the web, if you have found that there is no news regarding Alexa Not Working, the issue may persist for you only. 


If the problem is from your end then you have to try a few methods to fix Alexa Issues.

1. Reboot The Echo Device 

It is really very simple to reboot the Echo device. It’s like plugging and unplugging a device from the wall outlet. 

The Echo device may take a few minutes to complete the rebooting process. Hence, you have to be a little patient. 

When the Echo device reboots itself, you will see the blue ring light. When the light stops flashing, Alexa is ready to listen to all of your commands. 

We hope that you will not say now “Why Is Alexa Not Responding”. 

2. Restart The Wifi Router

When we ask people to reboot their router, most of the time they get confused about what to do. 


It is as simple as you have rebooted the Echo device. 

You just need to unplug the power plug from the wall outlet for a while and then reconnect it back to its place. 

One more thing, while rebooting the device, all the people connected to the internet will lose it for a while. 

Hence, we would like to suggest you reboot when no one is doing any necessary project. 

3. Verify That You Are Connected To the Internet 

You need to verify twice whether your wifi network is currently working or not. In this case, don’t trust your smartphone, instead, check whether the internet is working on your tablet or laptop or not. 

In case you want to check the internet connection via your smartphone, make sure that your mobile internet is not on. 

Call your internet service providers if you find anything wrong with the network. 

It is necessary because a faulty internet connection could be responsible for the Alexa Down issue. 

4. Reconnect Alexa To Wifi Again 

With the help of your smartphone, connect the Amazon Echo device to the Alexa app. 

Also, make sure that you have entered the right password. 

  • Open the app and click on “devices”. 
  • Choose the option of “Echo And Alexa”. 
  • Select the Echo device with the Alexa Not Working
  • Click on the “Change” button given next to the Wifi network. 
5. Change The Password Of Wifi 

Make sure that your wifi password is not using any asterisk symbol. If there is any, then try to change the password again. 

Most of the time the Alexa Won’t Connect To Wifi because of these kinds of symbols when added to password. 

6. Reset The Echo Device 

After trying all the steps that we have mentioned above, the last step to fix the Alexa Down issue is resetting the Echo device. 

Once the device will be completely reset, you just have to follow the same steps you did while doing Setup Alexa.

Most of the Alexa Issues like Alexa Offline, Alexa Not Working, Alexa Not Responding, etc. could be easily fixed just by a simple resetting. 

Alexa Helpline


This article can be concluded on the point that several reasons are responsible for the Alexa Down problem. Sometimes the issue persists because of the user’s mistake while other times Amazon could be responsible. 

Hence, before troubleshooting, you need to take into consideration these things seriously. 

We have discussed all those methods that are necessary to fix this problem. So, just smile and enjoy!

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