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Just like you, there are many Echo users who are a little tense because of the Alexa Dot Setup. We know that you have just bought the Echo device and you are so excited to hear something from Alexa.

In this guide, we are going to mention all those steps that will help you to complete the Alexa Setup quickly. Before we start further, make sure that you are having a good speed internet connection, updated Alexa app, and the working Echo device.

Let’s know how to do Setup Alexa in some easy steps.

Steps For Alexa Dot Setup

Let’s break your excitement and start the procedure to complete the Echo Dot Setup with the help of the below-given steps.

  1. Unpack the Echo Device.
  2. Download The Alexa App on Smartphone(ios or android), or PC.
  3. Connect the Echo Device to the Power Source.
  4. Make sure that your internet is working properly.
  5. Connect your Echo device to wifi.
  6. Say the wake word of Alexa.

Are you facing any kind of issue while doing the Alexa Dot Setup? If yes then dial the given Alexa Helpline Number now.

1. Unpack Your Echo Device

You may have already completed this setup step. You just need to unpack the Echo device from the box with a big smile on your face. Remove all the essentials from the box like the Echo device, charging cable, and adapter.

2. Download Alexa App

In this step, you would need to download the Alexa on your device then no matter whether it’s the smartphone or Pc.

You can easily download the Alexa App For Pc from the official website of Amazon. The ios version should be 11.0 or above and the android version should be 6.0 or above. Open the play store or the app store and download the Alexa app on your device.

3. Connect Echo Device To The Power Source

In this step, you just need to connect the Echo device to the available power source with the help of an adapter. Make sure that you are using an original power cable and adapter. This is one of the easiest steps from the whole process to complete the Alexa Dot Setup.

When the device is connected to the power source, you will see a blue light which will be changed to orange.’

Are you ready to listen to something from Alexa for the first time? Alexa is ready to greet you with her voice.

4. Connect Amazon Echo To Wifi

In this step, we will learn how to connect the Echo device to the new wifi. So, do follow all the steps one by one to complete Echo Dot Setup.

    • If you have already installed the Alexa app on your PC then sign into the app with Amazon’s login credentials.
    • Tap on “Start Button” and choose “I’m someone else” to proceed further.
    • If you want then give Alexa permission to get access to contacts and notifications or else tap on later.
    • On the home screen of the app, click on the three horizontal lines given in the top left corner.
    • Choose “Add a New Device”.
    • Select the Echo device that you are using currently.
    • Alexa will then ask you to choose your preferred wifi network. Hence, do follow all the instructions that are given on the screen.
    • When your mobile device will be connected successfully, Alexa will give you a confirmation message.
    • From the number of networks that are given on the screen, choose the one that belongs to you.
    • Connect Alexa To Wifi to complete the Alexa Dot Setup.


5. Say The Wake Word Of Echo Device

You have successfully connected the Echo to the wifi device and now it’s time to check if the setup goes right or not. Hence, you will need to say the wake word of the Echo device which is “Alexa” by default.

You can change this wake word to “Amazon”, “Echo”, or “Computer” from the Alexa app. When you say the wake word, the blue ring light will appear on the Echo device and Alexa will be ready to listen to your commands. Ask Alexa about the current timings to check if she is listening to you or not.

If you ever found that Alexa Not Responding to any of your voice commands then do check your internet connection. Your Echo device should be placed close to the router in order to resolve the Alexa Offline issue.

6. Use Your Echo Device As You Want

You can now place the Echo device at your preferred location. You just need to make sure that it is placed within wifi range and far from the electronic devices like T.V, Baby Monitors, etc.

In just one single command, Amazon Alexa will perform a variety of tasks like playing music, audio box, turn On/Off lights, playing jokes, etc.

Alexa Helpline


Updated Alexa app and a good speed of internet connection are two things that are responsible for the Alexa Dot SetupIn this guide, we have told you all the steps that are required to complete the Alexa setup. If you are still having any doubts then dial the given Alexa Helpline Number and ask our experts about any Alexa-related problems.

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