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How To Fix Alexa Dot Not Working | Alexa Not Working Problem

Is your Alexa Dot Not Working properly? Echo is a very smart voice assistant device that fulfills the command of Alexa users via their voice commands. After the Alexa Setup, you can ask your Echo device to perform several tasks. You can control all the smart home gadgets, you can play music or control the thermostat, etc. 

Here in this guide, we will discuss all the causes why your Alexa Not Working. Also, we will let you provide all the methods required to fix the issue quickly. 

You can also call our team of experts who are working for Alexa. They have more than 10 years of experience in this field. Call them anytime you want and all of your Alexa issues will be fixed. 

Common Causes Why Alexa Dot Not Working 

There could be a number of possibilities why your Alexa Echo Not Responding. Some of the common culprits why your Alexa Dot Not Working could be internet outage, power connection, wifi related issue, or voice recognition glitch. 

No matter what is the main cause behind the Alexa problem. We will help you to find the real cause and then help you to fix it. 

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How To Fix When Alexa Not Responding To Commands?

It may be possible that you issue any command to Alexa and it says, “sorry, I’m having trouble understanding you”. In this situation, do follow the methods that have been mentioned below. 

  1. You have to make sure that your Echo device has a proper internet connection. Until you will not connect your Echo device to the proper internet, Alexa will not respond to you back. 
  2. Check the microphone button of the Echo device given at the top of it. There is a chance that you have forgotten to turn it on and this why Alexa is not listening to your commands. 
  3. Make sure that your Echo and smartphone have been connected with the same wifi network. If you will connect them both with different networks, Echo Dot will not respond to any of your commands. 
  4. You have to check whether your Echo device has been placed within the wifi range or not. Most of the Alexa users used to position the Echo device far from the router and end up facing the Alexa Not Working issue. 

How To Fix When Alexa Won’t Connect To Wifi?

If your Alexa Dot Not Working because it is not connecting to the internet, here are some common troubleshooting methods. 

  1. It may be possible that your internet is running down and this is the reason why your Alexa is Offline
  2. Try to fix all of your issues via restarting. So, check whether the rebooting method will fix your device problem or not. 
  3. Double-check the password of your wifi. It could be possible that you have entered the wrong wifi password, so check it twice. 
  4. Your Alexa-enabled device should be placed within the wifi range. So, move your Alexa device a little closer to the router. Also, remove all the possible interferences like walls, metal objects, etc. 
  5. After trying each and everything, if still, your device is not responding, reset it to factory defaults. 

How To Fix When Alexa Play Music On The Wrong Device?

If you have recently found that your Alexa Dot Not Working when you are playing music on the wrong device. Here are some of the common troubleshooting methods to deal with the Alexa music issue. 

  1. It would be better if you will create a group and add all of your Alexa-devices into it. This way the Echo device will respond more easily and quickly. 
  2. When you will set any of the Alexa speakers as the default one. The next time when you will request music only the designated one will respond to you back. 
  3. It would be much better if you will name all of your Echo speakers. So, the next time when you name any speaker, only the assigned speaker will respond to you back. 

How To Fix When Alexa Calling Not Working?

Another main and important cause why your Alexa Dot Not Working could be its calling issue. You may be trying to call any of your contacts but it’s not working. In this case, try the steps given below. 

  1. You will only be able to make any call when you have only entered the right contact information. So, you need to check whether the contact information is correct or not. 
  2. Alexa will not be able to make any call until you will not connect it to the internet connection. So, verify whether your internet connection is working properly or not. 
  3. A simple software glitch could be one of the main reasons why your Alexa Slow to Respond or not working. Hence, give your Echo device a quick restart to the Alexa calling glitch. 

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In this troubleshooting guide, we have discussed each and everything that is needed to fix why your Alexa Dot Not Working. We have already covered some of the common reasons why your Amazon Alexa is not working now. In case, there is still something that you need to fix then do call us on the given helpline numbers now.

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