Alexa Does Not Respond

Alexa Does Not Respond To Voice Commands: Reasons and Troubleshooting Steps

Alexa Does Not Respond To Voice Commands? Ohh!!!

While using the Echo device, it may be possible that Alexa will suddenly stop responding to the commands you ask it to do. 

In these situations, one will definitely feel angry. 

Just to make you a little happy, we are here for you. How??? 

We have discussed with our experts and found some of the easy steps via which you can easily troubleshoot the issue of Alexa Slow to Respond

Alexa Slow to Respond
So, just take a deep breath, drink water, and read the methods that we are going to tell you. 

For an immediate solution, dial the given Alexa Helpline Number now. Our experts will pick you to call and provide you all the solutions in a short time. 

Reasons Behind Alexa Does Not Respond

Before moving to the troubleshooting steps to resolve Alexa Not Responding to Voice Commands, let’s know all the reasons behind the issue. 

    • Alexa Not Responding because of a slow internet connection
    • Echo Do Not Respond because they grouped improperly
    • The distance between you and the Echo device is more
    • Something is interrupting the Echo and the Router
    • Alexa Slow to Respond because the microphone button is turned off

Follow the given methods to troubleshoot the issue of Alexa is Not Responding. We have found one of the easiest methods. 

Echo Dot Does Not Respond: Methods To Resolve Issue

Echo Dot Does Not Respond

It may be possible sometimes that you ask Amazon Alexa device to do something and it says, “I’m having trouble understanding you” or “sorry, I don’t know that one” then follow the given steps. 

  • Check If you Have Plugged In The Device

You may find it very basic but we all know how many times we forget to turn On the switch of the devices. 

Hence, check if you have plugged the device properly and you have turned ON the power button. 

  • Check if your internet is working properly

After completing the above method, now see if your internet is working properly or not. If you found any red light blinking in the router then contact your service provider now. 

  • Don’t forget to turn the microphone button On

Alexa Not Responding

It happens sometimes that people forget to turn the microphone button On of the Echo device. 

Actually, that’s a very common mistake we often make. Hence, check twice if you have made the same mistake. 

You can laugh now if you have done the same!!!

  • Your Smartphone And Echo Should Be On the Same Network

Check if your smartphone with the Alexa app and your Echo device is connected with the same wifi network or not. 

If not, then it is the only reason why you are troubling with Echo Dot Not Responding. So, connect them with the same network now.

  • Echo device should be in the range of the wifi

If you have placed the Echo device far from the router then it is obvious that you will face Echo Dot Slow to Respond or Alexa Does Not Respond anything.

So, don’t forget to change the position of the device. Make sure that the Echo device is in the range of wifi connection. 

  • Restart Alexa Device

Alexa Not Responding to Voice commands

If you have tried all the above-given methods and still Alexa Not Responding to Voice commands then try to restart the Echo device. 

To do so, just plug out the power cable and let the device off for a while. Restart the device after some time. 

You can also call us directly via given toll-free numbers. 

  • Try To Change The Wake Word

If all the steps that we have provided above won’t work out for you then try to change the wake word of the device. 

After changing the wake word, restart the device and place it near the router. Try to give any command now. 

  • Place The Device Near The Router

Try to change the position of the device and place it somewhere near to the router. 

Make sure that you have not placed any microwave, T.V, in between the Echo and the router. If that is the case then remove it now

  • Reset The Device To Factory Defaults

This is the last and the most effective method to troubleshoot Alexa Echo Dot Not Responding

Alexa Does Not Respond

You simply have to reset the device to factory device and all of the Echo Dot Problems will be solved automatically

Guaranteed Solution!!!

Still you Alexa Does Not Respond?

Don’t worry, you can ask our technicians why you are facing the issue and how you can troubleshoot it. 

The team of experts that we have is experienced and knowledgeable enough to resolve any Echo dot-related issue. 

So, call them now on a given Phone Number for Alexa Customer Service and all of your problems will be resolved. 

Be Happy!!! Talk To Alexa!!! Spend Time Alone…

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