Why Alexa Blinking Yellow? Fix Yellow Light On Alexa

If Alexa Blinking Yellow light then it means that there are some notifications for you. These notifications can be related to order delivery, phone calls, or messages. Hence, you don’t need to think much.

You don’t have to worry about anything. In this guide, we will let you each and everything related to the Yellow Light On Alexa.

Even then, if you are having any issues then do call us on the given Alexa Helpline Number now. Our expert team will help you with each and everything related to the Echo device.

Why Is My Alexa Blinking Yellow?

If your Alexa Flashing Yellow Light then, it simply means that you have got a message or notification on your Echo device.

We would like to tell you that the Echo device is linked to your Amazon account completely. Hence, if you have placed an order for Amazon then you will get the update on the Echo device, and Yellow Light On Alexa is a way to tell you that you have some unread messages and notifications.

This is why Alexa Blinking Yellow light.

If you have any questions in your mind then dial the Alexa Helpline Number immediately. You can dial this toll-free anytime you want.

How To Stop It When Alexa Flashing Yellow Light?

If you want to stop the Blinking Yellow Light on Alexa then you can do it by reading all the notifications. For the same, you just need to say, “Alexa, what are my notifications”. In the very next moment, Alexa will start reading all the messages and notifications for you.

With just one command, you can stop the Blinking yellow light easily.

Steps To Stop Alexa To Reading Out The Names Of Product

If you get rid of the yellow light and want to stop the Alexa to read out the notifications for you then here are some steps for you.

We understand that there comes a time when you don’t want Alexa to read out the notifications for you. It may be because you may have ordered something personal and you don’t want anyone to know about it.

  1. Open the Alexa app and go to “Settings”.
  2. Click on the “notifications”.
  3. Go to Amazon Shopping.
  4. Turn Off the notifications for the product titles.
  5. This is how you can easily stop it when Alexa Blinking Yellow light.

Steps To Disable Yellow Light Order Notification

To stop the Yellow Light On Alexa, do follow the steps that have been given below:

  1. Open the Alexa App on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.
  2. Go to “Settings” and choose the option of “Notifications”.
  3. Click on Amazon Shopping and then turn OFF the notifications for Echo devices.
  4. You can also turn OFF the other delivery notifications like “Delivery” or “Out For Delivery”.

How To Fix it When Alexa Not Blinking Yellow Notification Light?

If you have found that your Alexa is not flashing the yellow notification light then you may have disabled it from the Alexa app. Above, we have told you all the steps to disable it when Alexa Blinking Yellow Light. Repeat the same steps and turn ON the toggle so that your Echo can give your notification.

If that’s not the case then follow the below-given steps.

1. Check the Microphone button

It may be possible that you may have forgotten to turn ON the microphone button and hence Alexa is not listening to your command to read the notifications. To fix it, you would need to turn ON the microphone button.

2. Alexa Won’t Connect To Wifi

It may be possible that your Alexa Won’t Connect To Wifi and this is why you are facing this problem. Hence, do check the internet connection in order to fix the issue.

3. Notifications Are Read By Someone Already

There are the chances that someone may have already read out all the notifications and hence Alexa Blinking Yellow light stopped now.

4. Move Echo Close To Router

It may be possible that you have placed the Echo far from the router and this is why it is not blinking yellow light. Make sure that Alexa is well connected to the available internet connection.

How To Fix Alexa Red Ring Light?

If your Alexa blinks a red light then it means that you may have turned OFF the microphone button given at the Alexa-enabled device.

To fix the red ring light on the Echo device, turn ON the mic button so that Alexa can listen to your commands.

Alexa Helpline


In this guide, we have told you why is your Amazon Alexa Blinking Yellow and how to disable it. We have also told you the meaning of the red ring light on Alexa. If you are having any questions in your mind then do call on the given Alexa Helpline Number.

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